Crafty Creamery at Devour Foodhub

Mango Banggo

P 160.00

This shake has mango ice cream, meringue, mango syrup, mango jam, butter cookies, whipped cream, and crush peanuts.

Camp Fire
P 170.00

Chocolate Ice cream, Toaste Marshmallow, Graham Crackers, Brownies, Chocolate Sprinkles and Whipped Cream

Love at first sight with this chocolate milkshake! Their shakes are huge so for P 170.00, this is already for sharing.

At first, the toppings felt really outrageous that it might be too sweet for me but it turned out just fine. I was also sure that this is something that my sister would like and no doubt about that 'cause the one I took home was a hit!

Creme Brulee
P 190.00

Cheesecake Ice cream, meringue, caramel syrup, wafer with additional cotton candy.

Good on its own but becomes really instagram-able and sweet with the cotton candy on top. This, again, is something that kids and sweet-toothed would like though I didn't find the milkshake itself too sweet though. This might actually be the shake with least sweetness among the three I've tried. Cotton candy kasi eh. :))

Brownie Ala Mode

The perfect balance of a warm chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream. <3

These are only some of the milkshake offering of Craft Creamery with the price. One order is huge enough that the price is really worth it. 

I'm so craving for these drinks in this very hot and humid summer day!

Instagram Page of Craft Creamery link: here.

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