Busan, South Korea: Jang Mountain and Jwadong Traditional Market

Jangsan Solo Hike link: here.
Stream of Rocks in Jangsan link: here.

Went for another hike in Jangsan, this time with some friends. 

Like a typical autumn day in Busan, it is bright and sunny (for like three to four hours per day) and cool 24/7. I love Spring and Autumn weather! 

Enjoyed the long walk from home and passed through the other way so we saw this temple. 

Pokposa Temple 

Continued walking.

And if you see the fork in the road, one with a concrete incline and the other one with stairs - go right to the stairs. 

Signages are not a lot in this mountain but nonetheless, I don't think you'll get lost 'cause based on experience no matter where you decide to pass through (trails), you'll end up at the wooden staircase near the summit. 

Or maybe not? haha! Basta, just look for (산) 정상, that means peak. 

 Stream of rocks in view. 

I will never forget the sigh of relief, gratitude, and accomplishment when I first saw this staircase. <3

And the magnificent top view of the place I learned to love so bad. There was a viewing area we visited in Japan and it was written there that it was one of the three best beautiful skylines in the world but for some personal reasons - this is not on the list but this is my first. :))

I wanted to view the sunset here but I didn't have the proper hiking accessories especially flashlight when I went here. 

This isn't the peak - you'd have to walk a little bit more to get to the peak but this place has always been good enough for me. 


Went down to Daecheon Park - the first place I visited in Busan. 

Autumn foliage wasn't a lot but still thankful that I saw some trees with changing leaves already. 

After the hike, we went straight to Jwadong Traditional Market to eat snacks.

There's this restaurant my friend and I always went to when we are in this area but even if I knew ajumma by face and she knows us too, I never got the name of her restaurant.

Anyway, we got these Korean pancakes which are perfectly paired with makgeolli and cider!

Such a great way to spend the day! <3 

This post is the last installment for my 30-days Busan adventure last year.


Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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