Busan, South Korea: Oryukdo Skywalk and Igidae Coastal Walk

The thing I miss the most about living in Busan is the proximity of hiking trails may it be a mountain trail or a coastal trail. Igidae is, in fact, a place that I went to on a whim and that's the reason why I was alone when I went there. hahaha! I just woke up one morning and thought that I wanted to hike that day. And guess what? It's because of that random decision that I now have an answer to the question, "What is your favorite place in Busan?" Hehe. 

When asked that question, I answer Igidae Coastal Walk in a heartbeat. 

This photo is one of the two pictures I had printed in BEXCO when we were in the Hanbok Experience Hall. Looking at this picture inspired me to go there personally. <3

Hanbok Experience Hall in BEXCO link: here.

This coastal walk is more than six kilometers, maybe even ten, if you're adding the walking distance of the bus station where you'll be coming from. While the most common path is to start from Gwanggali area to the skywalk, I decided to start from the skywalk to Gwanggali because I wanted to be nearer Haeundae after finishing the coastal walk.

How to go:

From Busan Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 10
-  Take bus 27 near Exit 10. 
- Get off at Oryukdo SK View Humun (Backgate) Bus Stop. (25 stops)
- Walk ahead about 275 m to reach the destination.

Among the three skywalks that I visited while in Busan, Oryukdo Skywalk is the smallest and can be a bit underwhelming destination especially if you did the Coastal Walk and came all the way from Gwanggali to this place. I am not sure, however, if it looks more beautiful during sunset because this place is a sunset spot. Should be, noh?

Always grateful to locals who are kind enough to volunteer to take my pictures when I was travelling alone in Busan. :)))

This is a part of Igidae Park... this marks the beginning/end of the coastal hike. 

While I finished the walk in less that three hours, it should be better to allot more time in this area and just leisurely walk on your own pace because some areas are a but steep and can be difficult for some people. 

It was stairs, after stairs, after stairs. :)) 

The sun was a bit strong that day but it wasn't hot. Just your typical autumn day and its pleasant temperature. :)) Okay fine, hindi pa obvious sa mga dahon pero autumn 'to. 

Patong the cam anywhere stable and take a picture ang peg hahaha

One of the difference, I noticed, of Busan and Seoul is that in Busan.. almost in all the picture spots in parks, there is a cellphone/camera stand where you can place your camera and take photos... kaya hindi talaga problema even if you're alone and too shy to ask other people's help. 

Looking at Haeundae from this area makes me believe na. "SHET NALAKAD KO TALAGA HALOS BUONG GALMAET-GIL!" Kailangan ko lang talaga ng map sa susunod para masulatan ko pero marami-rami nga. hahaha!

Left side of the coastal walk (gwanggali) is for sunrise watching, ride side (oryukdo) is for sunset. 

I lived in that area and believe it or not, nalakad ko 'yung coastal walk din doon... mag-isa HAHAHAHA!! Tinanong nga ko kung alam ko raw ba na may sakayan o kung alam ko e kaya ba ko naglakad kasi wala akong pamasahe... pero neither pooooo, nage-enjoy lang talaga ko maglakad-lakad don. 

Above sign reads as Galmaet-gil 

So the website City Awesome has uploaded a map of the whole "Seagull Trail"

Link: here.

It's divided into five parts........ and now, I am sure that I've walked in almost all the trails becuase I've done four out of five! HAHAHAHA! And more... :))

And the reason why I didn't do the other trail is because it goes through a Cemetery and I didn't want to go there alone. Someday though, someday... hmm, someday as in October this year?? hahaha! Let's see.

Jangsan Mountain hike link: here.

Haeundae and Dalmaji Gil.

Haeundae at night link: here.

Moontan Road and Dalmaji-gil link: here.

Sabi ko papanoorin ko 'to hanggang sa hindi ko na nga napanood kasi baka ma-miss ko lang bigla 'yung Haeundae. ahahhaha!

Every October, there is a Fireworks Festival in Busan and I think this place is one of the places where you'll have a good look at it since it takes place in Gwanggali. 

Hindi ko talaga maintindihan bakit ang fresh ko kapag nasa Korea tignan!? hahaha! Grabe bonggang lakad 'yan pero maayos pa rin ako sa picture!! ANO NA!!!! :)))

Ang dami ko ng nilakad pero question mark pa rin layo natin sa isa't isa!! hahaha. 

 You will always be home, Busan!!!! <3

So from here you can actually continue walking until Gwanggali Bridge which has now become 1.1 KM away from all the walking or you can choose to find the nearest subway station. 

Well, what I did was find a place I can eat at. :))) 

So this has been Igidae Coastal Walk, again, my favorite place in Busan and one of the activities I am looking forward to be able to do again in the future!! :))

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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