Seoul, South Korea: Seoul Botanic Park (Officially opens in May 2019)

Visit Korea's Largest Greenhouse at Seoul Botanic Park in Magoknaru!

Visit Korea's Post link: here.

Very easy to reach since there's a nearby subway station.

Magoknaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 9, Airport Railroad), Exit 3 & 4

Most of my memories in Seoul are trees with no leaves 'cause even if I've been to South Korea three times already; two were during winter and the other I was in Busan almost the entire time. So when I found out about this park, we made time to visit it. 

The whole park is divided into four parts; Themed Garden, Lake Garden, Open Forest, and Wetland. It was said that this place is twice the size of the whole Yeouido Park. I don't have a grasp of how big this is but given that I haven't explored the whole of Yeouido Park even if I've been there four times says something about the size of this place.

 If ever you're visiting this in Spring, Summer, or Autumn better allot ample time because the entire place should be very beautiful. 

It took us a while to walk from the train station to the greenhouse mainly because it was toooooooooo cold that day. It never snowed during our 11 days in Seoul but the coldest we experienced was -12 degrees Celsius. Well, okay, I went there during the first week of February so I shouldn't been so shocked about the temperature...

Imagine the vast green grass and trees with leaves <3 

Just imagining how this place would look like in spring is enough for now. Haha!

To give you an idea on the sudden change in temperature, my camera lens developed moist inside for several minutes until it adjusted to the temperature.

This marks the entry point towards the twelve (12) cities of the world. Yep, you'll get to see plants and flowers sourced from twelve other cities. 

 I was wearing 5 layers of clothing that day but I had to take off my bubble jacket as soon as I entered this place because it was humid - the first part was the tropical zone so it should be around 30 degrees Celsius and I was wearing 4 more layers of clothing with one heat tech.


After walking in the Tropical Zone area, we entered Temperate Zone area. This place was a bit cooler and this is my favorite place in all of the Greenhouse. 

Having been born in a tropical country, it's probably because I am used to seeing tropical plants that I didn't find it too special. It's only because they've sourced the plants from other countries that I roamed around there. Hater much? Hahahha. Joke lang. Felt like home kasi and the plants looked familiar - the tropical zone. 

The temperate zone had my interest because most of the plants here are species that I've never seen before. 

And oh, this San Francisco area was much like the Cactus Garden that I have visited in Las Vegas, Nevada. Link: here. 

This place looked very romantic and European-ish that's why I wasn't surprised that these flowering plants were sourced from Rome, Italy. 

Maybe this is what it feels like to walk in one of the gardens in Rome. Someday, universe. <3

If I were to go here again, I'll go early and try to beat the crowd. 

After passing through "Rome," we went to Perth, Australia. What caught my attention here is the presence of a Baobab Tree. 

You know, the tree in The Little Prince?? I've always wanted to see a baobab tree so I'm glad that I was able to see one here.

Exiting the area, you'd have to pass through a skywalk and get a glimpse of the entire place again from a bird's eye perspective. 

Kinda reminds me of OCBC Skyway in Singapore, only this time, it's indoor. 

 Glad to have visited this place while it's free but I really wouldn't mind paying. It felt like I've been to twelve cities anyway. hehehe!

The contrast of having this luscious green landscape inside and those trees without leaves outside.

If you feel hungry after the walk, there's cafe in the building. 

My first greenhouse experience!!!

 Seoul Botanic Park's Website link: here.

The greenhouse is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM while the rest of the park is open 24 hours. 

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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