Busan, South Korea: Three (3) Skywalks You Can Visit in Busan

Songdo Skywalk


Go to Jagalchi Station, exit 2
Take buses no. 7, 9, 26, 30, 71, or 96.
Alight at Songdo Beach Station

What we did:
Took the bus straight to Songdo Skypark then rode the cable car down to the beach.

If I were to do it again though, this time with someone who's into trekking, I'd go to the beach first then ride the cable car to the Skypark and then trek down to the Skywalk :))

Of all the three Skywalks, this is the biggest and it's also the least frightening to walk onto since only minimal parts of the whole area are made with glass. Songdo is the busiest area among the three locations of the skywalks, expect more people visiting here especially during summer.

Songdo is a must-visit because you all have these attractions in one place. 

I am not sure if you can consider it an island or just a big rock but Songdo Skywalk kinda passes through it and you'd see some statues and art installations that were placed on that big rock.

Interested about the Cable Car ride? My experience here. 

Oryukdo Skywalk

Go to Busan Station, exit 10
Take bus no. 27
Alight at Oryukdo SK View
Walk to the Skywalk

O (5) Ryuk (6) Do (Islands)

Look for the 5 or 6 islands (depending on the tides) when you go to this place.

 This skywalk is the smallest but may be the most frightening of all since it's entirely made of glass. I've seen this featured as one of the places that was visited in the variety program, "Return of Superman"

On the background is Haeundae and the trees-filled part on the left most is where the Igidae Coastal Walk is. 

They lend a shoe cover to anyone who walks on the glass. 

I did the coastal walk above and it's my favorite place in whole of Busan. <3

Igidae Coastal Walk link: here. 

While you can do it however you like, a lot of people start from Dongsaengmal (the other end) when doing this skywalk 'cause they said that sunset looks better when in Oryukdo area. I did the opposite though and started from Oryukdo 'cause having Gwangandaegyo at the end of a tiring walk is much more exciting for me and ending here is also closer to where I lived.

Cheongsapo Daritdol Skywalk

Take a cab from Haeundae/Jangsan

I'm sorry that I'm of no help when it comes to public transportation options when in this part of Busan 'cause I pretty much just walked around. Cheongsapo Fishing Village where the skywalk is only less than 20 minutes walk away from where I lived in Jangsan and I don't even know if buses ply that route. 

The highest and the newest of all skywalks in Busan - Cheongsapo Daritdol

If you have a day to explore East Busan then this is an interesting walking trail where you can see Seongjeong and Haeundae in one day. The walkway which is an old railway near the ocean is also a beautiful place to walk at as well. <3

Lighthouses of Cheongsapo

Cheongsapo Seafood Town is a great place to visit if you want to eat fresh seafood with the view of the ocean. There are a lot of different restaurants in the area yet it's very peaceful and relaxing to be in.

Someone told me that this place was recommended by the actor Gong Yoo and I can see why. <3

I am not scared of walking on top of glass-covered floors so I found this really nice. Also, this place doesn't allow entry when the weather isn't good so check the weather on the day you're visiting.

Shoe cover must be worn when inside the skywalk. 

If there's one place that I want to live in other than the Philippines (na kahit mahirap mahalin e Pinas pa rin so far), I'd still choose Haeundae, Busan. One of the best choices I made was deciding to stay and explore Busan for a month - truly found my home away from home. <3 Can't wait to go back even if it's only going to be for a weekend! :">


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