USA 2016: Ethel M Chocolates and Cactus Garden, Henderson

Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden

What I did when I got there was search for, "Free things to do in Las Vegas" and I found a couple of things and put them in  a list.

People would ask me, "Have you done everything in your bucket list?" I was like, "Kinda." but in reality there wasn't any bucket list hahaha just a list of free places to go to and free activities to do in Vegas or near the strip 
but I wasn't able to visit them all though. I ran out of next weeks. :)) 
Outside Ethel M Factory is this Cactus Garden where you will see several varieties of cacti that can be found in America. In this picture you can see the plants found in "my" state. You can see these plants almost everywhere and in the desert areas near Vegas particularly along the Interstate 15. 
On my next sojourn (HAHA!), I will make an extra effort in taking down notes of all the information I get from the places I visited or just simply try to blog as soon as possible because the struggle in composing this three months after is real. As in. 
Cacti appreciation day. 
Solar panels and a Joshua Tree.

I saw that there's Joshua Tree National Park when we went to Palm Springs but back then, I still didn't know that I'll "fall inlove" with National Parks. Huhu. Take me back please USA! :( I still have a lot of National Parks and State Parks to go to. :(

I'm trying to move on from that chapter but sometimes I keep wondering where all the days went and I continuously see pictures of the different places in USA huhu tas wala ng, "Punta tayo." HAHAHA. Kasi naman!! Hindi nag journal!!! Pero lesson learned, always keep a journal with moi.

And something to look forward to, a longer, more blessed, and better sojourn for me soon. :)))
Scarecrow kind of cactus plant.
It was Spring when I went here thus some cactus has flowers.
When we were in Pahrump, California I asked my friend, "Yayakap ka ba ng Cactus?" HAHAHAHA. Ge. Tin. Push mo 'yan.
Then I went inside the factory and saw this mini version of M&M's World in Las Vegas.

Ethel M Factory produces the gourmet chocolate of Ethel M brand of chocolates which is also owned by Mars Incorporated. Same maker of M&M's, Dove, Galaxy, Skittles, Malteser's, Twix, Sneakers and many others.

Taken along the self-guided Viewing Aisle.

The only problem in traveling alone is having no one to take your pictures. haha!
But I learned from their site that this is currently closed for renovation and will be available for viewing once again in October 2016.
I bought some of these to bring home to the Philippines because the packaging is very Vegas but hahahahaa ate them all in only like four days. They were so delicious!

Being alone in an unfamiliar place felt totally fine.
HAHAHA Started eating these super delicious chocolate coins while waiting for the bus. 

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