Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: I am back, love.

Las Vegas Strip

 I was, rather. :))

But then I left again. HAHAHA!

Not knowing things beforehand is one of the reasons why living is exciting. Of course, bad things will happen as well but having the opportunity to look forward to something special is enough to endure.

I am saying this 'cause after all the drama I had when I left the states four years ago, I was able to go again. Regardless if I only stayed for a couple of days in what I consider my second home, being able to go back was in it a miracle already. 

Las Vegas Strip

My friend brought me to a parking space just across the Las Vegas Strip and we stayed here for a couple of minutes just to take in the view and to let it sink in (to me) that I was back in Vegas. HAHAHA! I know that I've been to countless places by now but whenever I think about them, hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala. lol

I bought my current camera because I hated it when I wasn't able to capture the moon in photos when I was living here. The size of the moon is usually a lot bigger there than how we're used to in the Philippines. I would always stare at it especially during full moon but no matter how I try, my camera back then wasn't capable of taking a decent shot. 

It wasn't a full moon but I was able to capture it still. Amazing how it still shines bright despite Las Vegas Strip's light pollution. 

We didn't have a particular hotel in mind so we just went to Fremont / Downtown Vegas to kill some time. 

Fremont Street link: here.

Lots of details have changed since 2016 but this is still the Las Vegas I know. <3

Las Vegas Strip

After walking around this area, we went back to the car and headed to the Las Vegas Sign. That night, we were feeling that we were parting ways again so we were taking it slow while inhaling the marijuana smoke we were passing by at every once in a while. HAHAHA!

But life was is generous. After this day in Vegas, we were able to meet again here in the Philippines and spent a day together. <3

With lots of food this time, though. Very far from the rice cooker corned beef sinangag and the three days old adobo that we ate when touring around San Francisco. 

'Cause hey, for starters, you should really visit the famous Las Vegas Sign. :))

Las Vegas Strip

To the first place where I experienced freedom and independence, I will visit you again in this lifetime.

Grateful for the gift of adventure.


Yes, Europe? :))

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