USA 2016: Las Vegas Strip... one more time.

Third set of pictures from Las Vegas Strip. 

Grand Canal Shoppes 

Not the last from Las Vegas Boulevard. Still have two sets hehe

This was taken on the higher storey of a regular double-decker RTC bus along Paradise Road.

You can see Linq Ferris Wheel on the right side of the road. 

Las Vegas sky is usually clear and not cloudy. Hence, the intense sunlight and heat especially during summer. But the air there is dry unlike here in the Philippines where it's humid.
There are real flamingos and other birds in the garden of flamingo hotel.  
Back to Venetian Hotel because we still haven't gone to the Grand Canal Shoppes.
Para ka na lang mantsa na gusto kong burahin... Las Vegas Version. 

'Cause I initially wanted to travel to Malaysia - Macau - Hong Kong last May but plans changed and I went to USA instead. hihi. Love it!

All for His glory pa din. :))
Will my next Sojourn be in Europe ha, life? 
Kanina pa tayo eh. hahaha.  

The falls of Palazzo Atrium. 
That's why a day isn't enough to cover all hotels in Las Vegas because each hotel has its own attraction and it takes a lot of time to roam around each. 
Encore and Wynn
I don't know what's so special with this Popoye but the security is high on this one. No one's allowed to go near. 
Wynn <3 
Garden-theme at Wynn Hotel.
Sosyal talaga even the clothes of the people there were kinda Formal to Semi-formal Haha. K. Stress.
Can't decide which of Wynn or Bellagio is better haha
Wynn's Lake of Dreams 

I can't identify why but the Lake of Dreams kinda addicting to look at. 

Wynn also has their fountain show.

Went back at Wynn.

Nights are better. hehe
Lake of Dreams

Those two balls move around during the show here in Lake of Dreams at night.
Palazzo's Falls in Sunlight

Las Vegas Strip is much better at night! Much much better.

The reason why it's called the city that never sleeps haha
Went back to take better pictures here.
Hahaha Sabe

Yup, there's no finish line to this kind of lifestyle hopefully hehehe
Free show called Atlantis at the Shoppes of Caesar's Palace

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