USA 2016: Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

The only time that I looked at Vegas before going there was when I watched the movie, "What Happens in Vegas" haha! I know it's crazy that you can easily get married even if you're drunk or even it's a decision you just thought of because you're drunk but it may actually be real in some cases.

The notable establishments we saw especially here in Downtown Vegas were all the wedding chapels, motels, wedding boutiques, divorce and bail bonds. :)) Wedding in Vegas is very convenient that I thought of doing it too. CHAROTTTTTTTT!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Are you aware of that man who got married to his phone? Yep, that's in Vegas. 

There's a bus that we ride and we alight just blocks before Fremont so we don't get lost but that one night when we weren't from our apartment but from elsewhere 'cause I sent money to the Philippines (Yes, OFW duties. hehe. Kailangan ko talaga i-mention 'yan!), we got lost. Can't tell you what my friend and I were talking about but we reached an area where it was all churches. Our first time reaching that place - we didn't know that the Sin City has a lot of churches! Kailangan mag save ng souls? :)) Kailangan na i-save souls namin? :))
This is Fremont Street.

There's a Zipline called the Slotzilla Experience. It's just not my thing to zipline across the street being seen by all those tourists. Gusto ko mga bangin! 
Binions Casino has a Million dollar cash display where you can take pictures with if you're over 21 years old. I look young (WAHAHA! Totoo 'to) that I had to always bring my passport with me whenever I go to places like this. They just wouldn't believe that I'm a bit past my 21st year on Earth. 

Anyway, have you seen the music video of Bruno Mars' latest song? That was shot in Vegas, most are in Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip.

The experience and the atmosphere in Las Vegas Strip is a lot different from Fremont Street. Fremont somehow feels more laid back and friendlier compared to the Strip. You can also explore all the hotels here in one day compared to Vegas Strip where you'd have to spend 2-3 days to explore all the hotels in the area.

Not to mention that it's usually cheaper here compared to strip - food, souvenirs, and hotel wise.
This is the East Side of the Fremont Street where you can find the clubs. For those under 21 years old, there are clubs that they can go to at Henderson area - clubs that don't serve any alcoholic beverages. Isipin niyo na lang, nakakalasing ang milkshake. HAHA
Will it sound weird that not even once did I enter a club while in Vegas when it's a famous place for that? :)) Haha! Usually if not sightseeing, gambling in the casino while asking for free cocktails was what I did during my free times. 

When we tell people about that one night when we decided to walk along Las Vegas Boulevard, they would usually ask us, "Are you crazy?" No we're not. We just fell deeply inlove with Vegas that time that we were courageous enough to do something as "dangerous" like that. I am well aware that it's not 100% safe but we felt so safe while we were there sooooo...

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