Searchlight, Nevada USA: Nelson's Landing Cliff Jumping Site

After exploring the nearby Nelson Ghost Town, we drove to the Colorado River. Along the river is a stateline, by the way, dividing Nevada and Arizona. 

Spending a day in El Dorado Canyons reminded me of the many things I loved about touring around the US - it's so wide and it feels like you're jumping from one "world" to another just by driving through different state and national parks. I may be a little bit bias here 'cause I'm a mountain person so looking at the mountains is enough to excites me. 

We set-up our barbecue spot in the shore and that on the right side of the photo is the cliff jumping site. It doesn't look high in the photo above but it was around 60 feet. HAHA! 

My highest cliff jumping experience was during the canyoneering trip in Cebu and that was 50 feet. I just didn't felt safe jumping here 'cause I was doing it alone. AHAHAA

Canyoneering in Cebu link: here.

My friends were thoughtful in preparing everything we needed for that afternoon. Nakakatouch! AHAHAHA!

From the girly Margarita Budlight to this Michelob Ultra. :)))

Ilang ako 'yung height nung cliff? hehehe. 

I was really thinking of jumping but I backed out because I suddenly feared the height! HAHA. Lesson learned tho, in once in a lifetime moments like this, GO NA. :)))

I would totally want to go back to Utah and Arizona to explore more of their National Parks.

Zion's National Park is still one of my favorite places until now. 

Panoramic Shot

There's something about being up in the mountains just looking at the vastness of the Earth. <3 Plus points kasi wala masyadong tao here. Who would think that this is only an hour and a half drive away from the Las Vegas Strip? 

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