USA 2016: See You Again, My Love - Las Vegas, Nevada

After checking out at Planet Hollywood Hotel, I ate lunch first at a Filipino buffet somewhere in Maryland Parkway.  I was having mixed emotions that moment while we were driving from the strip to Maryland.

I was leaving Las Vegas, my first home away from home, without knowing if I'll ever have the chance to go back so I was kind of heartbroken. At the same time, I was happy and kind of excited about the next journey that I am to experience - wherever that will be. 

Last glimpse of the Paris Hotel along Las Vegas Strip. I kind of saw a picture of the hotel casinos in Macau and I believe that the hotels there are kind of similar to the hotels in Vegas.

Arc de Triomphe


Las Vegas has a lot of replicas of tourists spots that can be found in Europe. Hehe. This is hoping that I'll be able to set foot and bring my family to Europe come 2018. So tataya muna ko sa lotto. But in all seriousness though, I wish that in this lifetime, I'll be given the chance to bring my mother to Europe. I wish for her to go to France and that we can see the churches of Lourdes, Fatima and the Miraculous Medal there.

The night before my departure to San Diego, California. I have purchased a one-way bus ticket to Anaheim (Disneyland Area) that was to depart at 3 PM here in California Hotel at Fremont.

When you look at the strip at this area, it looks like it's so small but then again, I wasn't able to explore all the hotels there. I'm not sure why we did that but we somehow concentrated on the hotels at the North part of Las Vegas Boulevard from Fremont to Cosmopolitan Hotel. 

Funny how I can still remember the feeling of astonishment when I first saw Las Vegas at night from the hotel that I checked in at when I arrived there. Grabe! And when this gets posted, six months have already passed since that night. Sobrang bilis, life!

Bye, Interstate 15!!!!! :(

I miss the 45 minutes bus ride from the interstate to the city. :(

Approaching the Nevada - California Stateline, you are to see four hotels. This, Goldstrike, which I wasn't able to go to. Well, we were but we decided to go straight to Fremont. 

Also, there's Primm Valley Resorts and Casino, Buffalo Bills, and Whiskey Pete's.

This place will also be your last chance of shopping with big discounts before heading back to California. Some stores in Fashion Outlet at Primm even have bigger discounts compared to the outlet stores that I was able to go to for both Nevada and California. 

Thanks for being my home, Desert Oasis.

Looking at this for the last time back then, I was already feeling numb tbh. I was really hurt, I mean I got attached to the lifestyle I had in the states (though I'm over it na), so leaving even if I was expecting it to happen eventually kind of felt that I left too soon. Pero diba, smile because it happened? :) 

I am still thankful though it wasn't all good memories and in the span of three months I got to get to know a different side of me. Makakasurvive pala ko. Hehehe. 

It's really a good thing that it was Vegas - the Sin City - where I ended up going to. 

We had a quick bus stop-over in Barstow so I was able to grab some fries and chicken nuggets at McDonald's. I sent a picture of this to my friend back in the Philippines and she was like, "So move on na nga?" Coincidentally, the current commercial of Mcdo that month was all about moving on. hahaha! 

The bus was moving fast and my camera isn't hi-tech enough to capture the beauty of the moon but this was the strawberry moon. I left Las Vegas at the first day of summer (it was 110 Farenheit that day)  The reason why the moon was special because it fell on the first day of summer, something that hasn't happened since 1948. 

The moon was really beautiful. I know this would sound weird but it felt like the moon was saying bye to me to 'cause in our apartment complex in Nevada, I always looked up at night to see the stars and the moon.

I want to be positive and think of the possibility of being able to go back in Las Vegas in the next few years. And just like song of The Cab, it may be "a long ride back to Vegas skies."

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