Hong Kong: Ferry Ride and the Symphony of Lights

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Hong Kong trip was both a chill and nerve-racking experience 'cause this was last year when they were attacking people at the MTR. What we did was rode buses instead though deep inside, we still get paranoid of the attacks but we got out of the country in time before the situation escalated. We had days to spend in Macau and our exit flight was from Macau as well. Kahit kabado rito sa HK, nakapag-relax naman sa mga casino ng Macau

So far, Hong Kong is my favorite skyline when viewed from the airplane. I was thinking of getting my camera to capture it but I got so focused with looking outside. I just concentrated on how beautiful the brightly-lit buildings were seeing them from an airplane on a cloudy night sky. If this is making sense...

No wonder this is one of the world's top three night view.
Monaco and Japan's Mount Inasa being the other two.

While you can do the river cruise as a tourist activity, you can opt to ride the cheaper ferry that will transport you from Causeway Bay to Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and vice versa. 

Compare the price for an Aqua Luna boat tour, per person here is only 2.2 HKD. Boat pa rin naman 'to, diba? Isipin mo na lang naka-cruise ka rin. Hahaha!

“May mga lugar na pang matagalan. May mga lugar na dinadaanan lang. Parang Hong Kong. Katulad ng tao. May mga taong dumadaan lang sa buhay natin. May mga taong … babaguhin ka pang habambuhay. Ikaw iyan Ethan. Salamat.” 

Diba? Lakas maka-sawi. I will never look at HK again without remembering the lines from the movie... JOY IS HERE. :))) Akalain mo, katabi lang ng hotel namin 'yung building na 'yon, sayang talaga. Mukhang matatagalan bago makabalik dito eh. 

“Yong binubuo mong pangarap unti-unting … pfft. Isa-isang naglalaglagan.”
Besh, relate ako dito! Kainis na ah. Masyado kayo nakakasakit. Char! Nakailang beses na ba ko nagsabi na aayusin naman ulit. HAHAHA! 

Watched the Symphony of Lights from Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Our hotel was in Mongkok Area so we made use of this evening to walk around TST for a while after watching the show. Somewhere in this area (Victoria Harbour/ Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront), there's a place called Avenue of Stars where you can see handprints and autrographs of stars set in the cement.

Ayun 'yung Ferris Wheel na nasa first photo dito. 

Had I watched Hello, Love, Goodbye prior to this trip, panigurado emote ako dyan. Feel na feel ko talaga 'yung movie dati kaya tatlong beses ko pinanood sa sinehan. HAHAHAHA. Nung una nga, sinama pa ko ng friend ko sa block
screening kaya nakita ko si Alden.

"Masaya ako kapag kasama kita."
"Ako rin."

Ni John Lloyd at Bea lang 'yan don sa Petronas Towers ng Malaysia. HAHAHA!

HUYYYYY. Nakakamiss mag filming location hunting. May plano na talaga kami kapag naging okay na ang mundo na mag Sagada o Baguio. OMG. Looking forward to long bus rides and mountain fog! (kung kailan man 'to matuloy haha!)

Naalala ko lang 'to kasi 'yung isa kong BFF na babae, nakwento na naubos na raw luha niya saka halos makabisado na niya lahat ng linya kakaulit niya ng Hello, Love, Goodbye... kasi nga kung mahal bakit pinapili siya? HAHAHA. Hay, mga beshyyyy. Anyare na ba sa'ting lahat? Bakit tayo ganito? 😂😂😂

Maganda pero punta ka doon sa part na maririnig mo 'yung sounds para mas feel. hehe! Nice din 'yung Light Show sa Gardens By The Bay, Singapore. 


For this chapter in my life (July 2020), this is my favorite learning: If you don't heal what hurt you, you'll bleed on people who didn't cut you. 

I want you to know that you deserve to be happy but you'll never get that happiness from hurting and using others. You shouldn't put distrust on people who never gave you reasons not to trust them. You shouldn't make other people trust you only to betray and leave them hanging in the end. You may have a lot of unresolved emotional wounds but those don't give you excuses to treat other people with apathy especially 'cause they themselves are healing and scarred but still chose to believe in you and be fair with you.

What a heartbreaking way to live - always with a void that can never be filled. I hope you end these toxic cycles not for anyone else's sake but yours. 

My prayer for you is that you'd wake up on a day when you feel that you're worthy just as you are so you won't need to play your games. May you find courage to heal and forgive yourself/ those who hurt you in the past because you are worthy of the effort and the time it takes to heal so you can finally feel complete and be at peace.

And if no one has told you this today, I will. 

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