Paco Park And Cemetery

In Sepia.

It really is a cemetery, okay.
This was built in  the late 18th century.

Wealthy families during the Spanish Colonial Period interred their departed loved ones here.
Pwedeng date, date din dito. 
The place as a whole isn't scary, it's beautiful and actually quite relaxing... but since there weren't a lot of people when we went there, we entered a part of the park and we were like,
"Bat biglang lumamig????" 

Okay, that's kind of creepy. Wish it was only our over-thinking mind and nothing else.
Pero syempre, dahil cemetery ito at naging lagayan ng ammunition during the Japanese occupation, naman, ang dami at ang haba ng history. Hindi na matatanggal 'yun kung may gumagala-gala man.
St. Pancratius Chapel
Intimate weddings can be also held in this place.

It isn't because of history class that I got to know this place but through a Bea-John Lloyd movie, "Miss You Like Crazy." This ends the MYLC tour for the Philippines since Malaysia's Petronas Tower's still on the list. HAHAHA.  Few years ago, I also had a "date" in the Pasig River Ferry Cruise from Guadalupe to Intramuros but I didn't have a blog then yet. Seryoso ko sa pagi-ikot ng shooting places nila, diba? hehe. Someone tell me which mall was the opening scene of their movie, "The Mistress" shot...

Park closes at 5 PM sharp.
10.00/person entrance fee

Commuting Direction via LRT 1: Get off at United Nations station, it's walking distance from there. Just ask around where exactly. ;)

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