Japan 2019: Mount Inasa's (Inasayama) Observation Platform, Nagasaki

First Time in Japan: Northern Kyushu Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips (From Hakata in Fukuoka)

This place is the 10 million dollar night view of Japan but we went there during day time and to avoid the crowd. Plus, this is far from Fukuoka and we couldn't risk missing the train back.

Fuchi Shrine and Nagasaki Ropeway link: here.
Spectacles Bridge, Nagasaki link: here.

At the end of the ropeway, you'd still have to walk quite a bit to get to the building where the observation deck is. 

There was a gallery/exhibit that time and they featured photos taken from all of Nagasaki. From here (first floor), you may take the ramp going around the building or you may ride the elevator. The only fee you're going to pay is for the Nagasaki ropeway since access here is free.

One of the world's top three night views alongside Monaco and Hong Kong.

Buildings here weren't as high as the ones in HK but the entire overlooking area was beautiful. Their skyline was a lot like Busan, South Korea tbh which is understandable because Nagasaki is also a port city. Whilst, HK's is kinda like New York City because of all the high-rise buildings. 

It was clear day perfect for travelling.

The observation deck is a 360 degrees rooftop and we were the only ones there the entire time. I prefer the view of the ocean and the mountain range of this part rather than the buildings... viewing it at night would be a different story though.

Unobstructed view of Nagasaki only for us, only for that time. Haha! Feeling nag bayad ng VIP access for this.

It was so breezy up there so make sure to bring jackets/ scarves with you especially if you'll be going there at night.

There would definitely be a lot more people but the best time to go here would be several minutes before sunset/ golden hour so you'd see the sunset (duh) and the night lights soon after. 

Makikita mo na ba siya pag sumilip ka rito? :)))

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