USA: Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Photos from that one afternoon we spent walking along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. This place is one of the most famous tourist attractions in L.A. I remember the first time I went here, I was culture shocked. I mean, Vegas was shocking but this was even more shocking... the people walking there were the ones that were shocking to be fair - not the place entirely.

TCL Chinese Theatre

This place is also famous for the handprints, footprints, autographs, and notes on the cement floor outside the theatre. There were a lot of people in this area so we just took photos and left. 

It feels a lot different to walk here during day light... for that "Hollywood feels," it'll better to visit at night. It was crazy with all the people back when I visited here at night but yeah, I'd rather be here during the day 'cause I'm not fond of crowded places since I can't take decent photos. NYAHAHA!

Hollywood Boulevard at night link: here.
HAHAHAHAHA! Nung hinanap ko 'yung previous post ko tungkol dito, syempre hindi ko naiwasan na mabasa ulit. OMG?! Kakaiba 'yung nag sulat nung night post way back 2016. Bakit siya ganon?! Cringe worthy. Pero k, ganon pala nasa isip ko dati. Nice to know remember.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles (Hollywood Sign) link: here.

Walking along this Hollywood Walk of Fame, there will be a lot of tour promoters that would sell you tours around Los Angeles. I don't think they're expensive so if you don't have your own transportation but want to see more of L.A then you can start looking for group tours that you can join here.

I don't know a lot of actors and actresses but I always look for Christina Aguilera's star. Kasi nga Christina kesa mag bayad pa ko para lang makapag photo ops sa pangalan ko, H lang naman nadagdag sa Christina niya. HAHA

“Maybe it’s hard to believe what’s with my obvious charm and good looks but people used to think that I was a monster. And for a long time… I believe them. But after a while, you learn to ignore the names people calling you. You just trust who you are.” – Shrek

Madame Tussaud's labas again. I don't want to pay entrance fee so just took photos with the wax figures outside.

This wax museum has several branches all around the world. I've seen Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum LABAS again of the branches in Hong KongSingaporeThailandSan FranciscoNew York, and Las Vegas. 

Yes, Zac Efron? Pakapit naman sa arm mo. HAHAHA!

Zac's Backdrop is the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica Beach link: here.

Kinilig din ako rito sa post na 'to kasi na-mention ko that I'll be back someday to tour around the States and yesssssss, the universe made it happen! <3

Empire State Building with King Kong. 

A lot of souvenir shops in the area as well. Some stores have signages that they sell souvenir shirts for as low as 5 dollars. 

Kakamiss naman mag lakad sa labas. :( Kailan ba matatapos 'tong COVID na 'to? 

Kailangan 'yan sa buhay. 

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