South Korea: Taejongdae (태종대)Resort Park, Busan

Autumn 2019
Seoul - Jeonju - Busan - Gyeongju - Seoul
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From Nampo-dong area, there's a bus you can ride that will drop you off directly at the main entrance of Taejongdae. It took us about an hour to get to the park from Nampo. 

This can be a half-day tour or a full day especially if you want to hike instead of riding Danubi to get to the rocky seaside cliffs. There's no entrance fee to enter this place so the only thing you'd pay here is if you're riding the Danubi train to get to the different stops inside the park. 

Danubi Train

It was a weekend when we went here so there were a lot of people. I remember seeing this place from a photo a friend of mine showed me and he was the only one riding the train that time - he went on a weekday afternoon.

I miss seeing this view in person. <3

Again, the main reason I love Busan is the easy access to beaches and mountains and yet you're still in the city. Some place can get crowded and then you have places like this where you can see the vast ocean and lush forest. 

We decided to go to the farthest stop first and walk back towards the lighthouse so we can explore the different points of interests.

This is Gumyongsa Temple. There's a walkway here that is lined with Hydrangea so imagine visiting here when all those are in full bloom. 

The stairs was a bit steep but it was easy to descend. Autumn weather is perfect for this kind of activities.

As soon as we saw this, we already decided that we'll eat here not even knowing what they serve. Ang ganda kasi nung setting. Overlooking the ocean. Hehe

We saw that they serve this South Korea delicacy called Ssan Nakji or live octopus. We were hesitant at first but our curiosity won so we ordered. I think we spent 20,000 KRW (around 1,000 PHP) for this. It was our first time eating this and buti na lang we tried kasi nga hindi na alam kailan makakabalik. :))))

Eating the octopus felt weird in the mouth 'cause it still wriggles/movies but it was definitely interesting. My friend and I both eat sashimi so eating something like this wasn't really of a shocker - 'yung gumagalaw lang kasi talaga sa bibig. Tawagin na lang talaga siyang octopus na lumalaban. 

Some days, people are allowed to walk at that part. 

Maka-picture lang, lahat lalakarin. :))) Kahit nabasa 'yang pang patong ko kasi na-dip sa water so I had to change clothes before going to our next stop. 

Sinseon Rocks or the part of this resort where you are able to walk along the high seaside cliffs was closed that day so we had to just make it work somewhere else. Hahaha! Seaside cliff pa rin naman 'yan. 

Love you forever, BUSAN!!!!!!!

Across is Haeundae, my home away from home. Still kilig whenever I see that skyline even in photos. I can't wait to be back! <3

Yeongdo Lighthouse

It was easy to descend but it took us a lot of time to ascend, we were perspiring like crazy because that was an intense exercise. nyahahaha! We rode the Danubi train back to the entrance.

If you get hungry after the "hike," there are several Mat-Jib/restaurants lined outside the park. 

this is the compilation of all my posts about the places I've been to in Busan when I stayed there for a month.

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