Macau: The Parisian Macao, Cotai Strip

First post in this blog for this year goes to Paris!!

Happy New Year!!!

The Parisian Macao labas for the Eiffel Tower replica. Hahaha!

Watching Emily in Paris and AmΓ©lie kinda re-ignited my Parisian/Europe dreams. Bakit kasi tayo nood ng nood kung wala naman tayo mapuntahan at wala pa tayong budget?! 🀣

It will take years before I'd get there and I don't even know if this lifetime will allow me to pero kk, bahala na. Dito muna ko sa mga Eiffel Tower replicas ko at least, diba. Napuntahan ko na. 

This was taken during the first time I went to Macau. I went there in 2018 and in 2019. Both trips I was not able to upload entirely here, kapag di ko pa natapos lahat ngayong 2021, ewan ko na lang.

I've decided to upload my backlogs just so I'd have things to post apart from my life updates that no one is asking for. Di lang ikaw nagsasawa sa selfies, ako rin naman. Wala lang kasi akong choice. hahaha. 

Cotai Strip πŸ’—

I can't remember which hotel did we take this photo from but there was a queue when we passed by so we fell in line too. Inggitera lang. haha!

It's impossible to miss this spot when travelling to Macao, specifically in Cotai Strip since it stands out. It's actually much better to have photos taken here than the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas since this is less crowded. Even the establishments - wider 'yung spaces between. 

Second time in Macau. 

What it looks like behind the photo. Hahaha!

May there be an Eiffel Tower/ France/ Totoong Europe moments in this lifetime someday. πŸ’

There's a light and sound show at night and you can also go up this Eiffel Tower since they have an observation deck. There's also a souvenir shop near the entrance of the observation deck where you can get souvenirs that will remind you somehow of Macau and Paris. 

Just that when we were deciding which activity to do, we opted for the Ferris Wheel in Studio City which I'll be posting here soon as well. 

Did not have a lot of time to walk around inside the Parisian, we just ate our dinner in their food court then went out again. 

Nice to see the growth of my hair from March 2018 to July 2019 with one haircut between. Gives me hope na hindi na mauulit my five haircuts ng November 2019 - November 2020. HAHAHA! 

Jusko, Tintin 2021++. Huwag ka muna kasi magpa-tempt sa malanding gunting! 'Yung ikaw kapag hindi ka impulsive, gusto makita kung ano itsura ng buhok mo na lalagpas sa shoulder length kahit daw magastos sa conditioner. πŸ˜‚

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