USA 2016: Circus Circus and Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

This was that night.

That night when we decided that we aren't going home and just explore the whole Las Vegas Boulevard until sunrise. Were we able to do it? Not quite but almost there. Haha!

This was in Centennial Plaza, still in Downtown Las Vegas.

The area in the middle of Fremont Street Experience and Las Vegas Strip. A place where not a lot of people walk at especially after midnight. Don't ask me what in the world were we thinking when we did this 'cause I don't know either. It just felt right during that time. 

We passed through The Venetian once again. If you've seen pictures of Vegas at day light, you would have probably noticed that it gets more beautiful at night with all the lights. 

However, those lights are already considered light pollution that you can instantly locate where Las Vegas is when you're in the outer space.

I have pictures of the hotel in these links:


We then entered Circus, Circus. It was the first hotel I saw when we got lost there but never had the chance to go in. We chanced upon the last free show. The kind of show that you are to watch varies, but it was aerial silk for that time slot. 

Went out to look for something to eat.
We wanted a special meal.
A break from just purchasing whatever the cheapest available meal there is.

So then, we ate at The Henry, a restaurant in Cosmopolitan Hotel. Aside from the buffet meals and hotel meals I had when I was staying with my Aunt in San Diego, this was the most high-end meal I had in Vegas. Hahaha! I would usually be fine spending until $15 for a meal but this was a bit beyond my/our usual price range and it isn't even a buffet. 

Did I regret? No. Not at all. 

Although our food arrived like 30 minutes after we placed our order, the time was enough for us to get ourselves clean for a bit because we have been walking for the whole night. The service was also excellent, didn't even have to ask for a water refill because the waiter was attentive. 

We over ordered. 

You know when you're so hungry that you feel that you can eat everything that's served in front of you? That was what happened to us. Upon ordering, we asked each other, "Would that be enough? Should we add one more meal?" Hence, we ordered fish and chips that we eventually took home 'cause the sandwich that each of us had was more than enough. 

It doesn't look big in the picture but this one's really big. It's bigger and has more meat than that of a usual sandwich. Well it's not like it's the first time that we got confused whether it's a Filipino amount of serving or an American. haha! When we ate at Elli's Island BBQ, we were hungry but the appetizer (bread and salad) was able to make us full that we took home the main course.

We were thinking of continuing our walkathon but our friend drove to Cosmopolitan and he decided to drive us around instead. So eventually, we we never had the chance to explore the other hotels at the South of Las Vegas Boulevard but it was totally fine. 

Las Vegas Sign: here.

Yes. Yes to this lifestyle, universe!
The life I have imagined. <3

Watching the fountains of Bellagio with Paris Hotel and Planet Hollywood in front will forever be a memory I'll hold close in my heart. <3 I don't know when's the next time that I'll be seeing you, Vegas but I know that I will be able to return someday...:)

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