USA: Dog Beach and Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California

We currently have grapes on a grapevine here at home. Reminded me of the first time I saw one back in San Diego and I remember posting about that here. I searched and saw that I included it in my Coronado Beach post before so I thought that I'd post my Hotel del Coronado revisit here too.

Just one of the many places I never thought that I'll be able to see twice.

USA: Coronado Beach, San Diego, California

This is the dog beach.

A portion of the beach that is accessible to dogs who want to swim and play in the shore. I had a great time watching them even if they're not my dogs. Sana makaganyan din sila Denden someday. HAHAHA!

Historic beachfront hotel in San Diego.

The exterior of this hotel definitely reminded me of Primm Valley Hotel in Nevada because of the building structure and color. You know what and I realized it while looking at the photo above that it reminds me of some houses in San Francisco too. 

There's a restaurant facing the sea. From there, you can see the wide ocean and on some areas the hotel pool. 

We didn't check in but you're free to roam around the common areas of the hotel especially since this is an icon and a tourist spot in San Diego. 

This was near the parking area so walked at the sand once again before bidding the place goodbye.

It's not like I'm always at the beach. Parang mas marami pa ngang times na nasa-beach ako ng naka-jacket these past years kasi malamig kesa nag-swimming pero nakakamiss din ah. 

Sino 'to? 😂

Maliban sa kwintas at damit, di na ako 'yan. HAHAHA! It's not like I wore heavy make-up before. hahahha. Nakakapanibago lang talaga ulit kapag nakikita ko tapos lagi na kong maputla ulit ngayon.

Will I you thrice? Nth times perhaps?

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