USA 2016: Coronado Beach, San Diego, California

First time seeing grapes on a grape vine. haha! Well, well, well, the only vineyard I know that's in the Philippines is the one in La Union. Never been there and yet my aunt has a grapevine in their backyard so I just had to take a photo of it. 

We passed through the Coronado bridge, this bridge links San Diego and Coronado, California. They wanted to show me the beach and Hotel del Coronado, one of the famous hotels in San Diego. 

We only stayed here for several minutes. This hotel is an oceanfront beach hotel so the view is kinda nice.

Thanks to my ever-supportive photographer. Really wish I could go back there in the States soon. 

A short walk along the shore. Hahaha! We were supposed to go here early but I overslept so... :)))) 

She is like the waves; always going and out of the lives of those she loves.

Hayy, it's so me. So so so so me. 

There was a sand castle maker too. And why do I look thinner in this picture, ha, life?! 

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