USA 2016: Russian Hill's Lombard Street, San Francisco, California

Did you know that San Francisco has a total of 44 hills? 

One of the known hills there is called the Russian Hill, one of the original Seven Hills. Of all the places I've gone too (Wow nemen parang ang dami na! hahaha of all the places pa alam haha!), San Francisco has the most interesting landscape. Actually, months before I knew I was going to the states, I watched a viral video in Facebook wherein they were dancing along the streets of San Fo. I thought, it was just one street but it turns out that the roads and streets especially in the Bay Area are all hilly.

I've found a website wherein you can see the steepness of each street in San Francisco, check it out here: link.


Russian Hill is a neighborhood and its most famous landmark is the Lombard Street which I have included in this post. Before going there, it was only Lombard and Golden Gate Bridge that I think of when someone mentions San Fo to me. 

Victorian Houses?

If you're going there, might as well visit the Painted Ladies. It's the most famous Victorian Houses in San Fo. 

We found a parking space in front of Lombard Street.

I don't get why I looked thin in pictures. Hahaha. When got back, most people were like, "Hala, kala ko namayat ka na?" Tapos sabayan pa ng, "Nangitim ka lalo." HAHAHAHAHA. THANK YOU HA! Ganda ng pang-welcome eh. :))

The Famous Lombard Street

We've drove there for three times. I read somewhere that those beside this street are the more expensive properties in San Fo. 

We decided to walk upwards and not just settle from looking at it from the other side of the road.
The view you'll see from there is another hill called the Telegraph Hill where the Colt Tower is located. Ang ganda pa ng buhok ko! Kainis. Can I live in San Francisco, universe? :)) Isang Pacific Ocean lang naman ang layo sa'kin eh! haha! 

This is the left bottom picture of my new blog banner. :)
First person point-of-view

San Francisco Bay, Oakland Bridge, Colt Tower, and the beautiful flowers of Lombard Street.

This was featured before in a Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho documentary and I never thought that I'll be given a chance to visit there hehe. Salamat, universe! 

Lombard Street Selfie. :))

The view at my back kind of reminded me of Amalfi Coast in Italy even if I haven't been there. HAHAHA! Kasi naman the colorful hill houses. Someday diba? :))
In case you're wondering,  the switchbacks were created to slow drivers down. This is also considered as the most crooked street in San Francisco, but it's not the steepest.

Do you drive? 
Is Lombard Street a part of your "road bucketlist"?

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