USA: The Flower Fields, Carlsbad, California (Spring Attraction)

I'll try to post the rest of my travels with flower fields, parks, and attractions that I haven't uploaded here yet 'cause I want to make another compilation with them just like the cable car rides compilation that I posted a while back. For the meantime, here's my second favorite area in Carlsbad. HAHAHA. My first is the Strawberry Picking field but this is not about that.

Spring 2019: Sakura and Flower Fields (Japan and USA)

This is an annual Spring attraction in Carlsbad, California and it has been that way since 40 years ago. The field is accessible from March 1st to whenever Mother's Day is so when this gets posted, there will only be two days left for this year's access. Hopefully, we'll all be in better life condition during next year's Spring.

This may serve a guide for a visit here some time in the future. 

The Flower Fields Ticket Rates

We frequented buffets serving strawberries and we would always have fresh strawberries bought in Costco when I was in the States so I didn't feel the urge to buy anything here. It's a different scenario here in the Philippines though 'cause anything fresh strawberries is always a dilemma of whether I'm buying or not. 

We passed by here when we were driving to San Diego from Los Angeles Airport. Back then, I didn't know that this is a part of our itinerary so I was really excited when I was told that we were going here. 

There are information boards such as this throughout the flower field so even if you walk there without a guide, you'll still be able to learn a new thing or two or three? 😜

The largest field of flowers that I've been at to date. There's definitely a lot more to the Flower Fields aside from the rows and rows of Ranunculus. I was probably too excited seeing the flower fields that why I have no pictures of the other parts of the area but there are greenhouses with roses, poinsettias, etc.

I am not really familiar with the names of flowers aside from those that I've frequently seen before, of course. These are ranunculus flowers, it's so amazing how they look so different yet similar, if you can see what I mean. 

This place is a vast hill of flowers with several activities and things to do that you can actually allot an entire day if you plan on seeing all the other attractions/exhibits inside. Also, there's a nearby outlet mall called Carlsbad Premium Outlets with several restaurants should you want to look for something to eat and shop afterwards. 

Inlove with the visual and the scent of this place.

The flowers on this part of the field weren't in full bloom yet. Another thing worth mentioning is that it overlooks the Carlsbad Beach when you're on top of the hill. 

Tractor Wagon Tours

For a fee, you get to ride the tractor either as a tractor tour of the whole area or as a shuttle that will drop you off on top of the flower hill. 

Vibrant color of the ranunculus flower field is visible even when driving from the Interstate-5/ San Diego Freeway. 

Bye, Flower Fields!
Until the day that I'll see you again in this lifetime. 😂💓

Since it's Spring in the Northern Hemisphere now, photos of flowers is everywhere in my Instagram's post recommendations. Probably the reason why I was compelled (by myself, kasi naman 😂) to post this before this year's Spring Season ends. HAHAHA! Sabi ko na eh and I should really be thankful for this that considering the frequency of my upload these days, I have enough backlogs that will last me several months even without new travels during this pandemic.

In Spring time, hope blooms even in the most loneliest forgotten meadow. 

Praying and hoping that this nightmare ends in the nearest future. 

Also in Carlsbad, CA:

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