Hong Kong: HKG - MNL Flight Review with Cathay Pacific and Night Treats Voucher

This post will include:

1. My flight experience with Cathay Pacific during my latest flight: Manila - Hong Kong
2. Hong Kong Night Treats Voucher
3. Night Rickshaw Tour Bus

These are all promotions from Hong Kong Tourism Board so check their website out during your trip to Hong Kong 'cause you might stumble upon great promotions and discounts.

Stars collecting season na naman. Haha. I don't collect for myself but I help. lol

Last March, we won three round trip tickets to Hong Kong. It was a promotion led by Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong International Airport, and Cathay Pacific called World of Winners.

It wasn't until this November that we got to use the tickets. We've been to Hong Kong before and have visited several famous tourist attractions so this time, it was a very chill tour - just walked around and ate for most days. 😂

First time flying with Cathay Pacific and hopefully not the last. 

Forty eight hours before the flight, they sent an e-mail for the online check-in and we did that for a faster bag drop. 
The bag drop and boarding procedure were fast, calm, and organized. 

By the way, don't forget to accomplish your e-travel form for the QR code. We were shocked by the amount of people at the immigration queue 'cause it was way more than expected. This is always something to consider when flying out of the country because we don't know how long it's going to take at the immigration counter. We spent more than 1 1/2 hours in line but we weren't asked a lot of questions.

The plane left Manila on time and arrived in Hong Kong a bit earlier than ETA. Also, try accomplish your arrival form while in the airplane so you can head straight to the arrival immigration counter upon disembarkation.

There were several movies, shows, and songs from the in flight entertainment. My chosen movie for that flight was Jujutsu Kaisen but I wasn't able to finish it because the movie was longer than the flight.

The flight included a hot meal and two check-in luggage (total of 30 kg for both).

The weather was clear so there weren't a lot of turbulence during the flight. Overall, it was a pleasant experience with Cathay Pacific. I hope to fly with them again on a long haul flight. Hopefully a flight back to USA. Yes, universe?

One of the recently added albums was Taylor Swift's Midnights. Didn't attempt to purchase concert tickets abroad since the expenses will definitely be huge but watching the concert in theaters last month got me in awe. 

We got three night treat vouchers from the airport and additional three from Klook since we booked a ticket to Sky 100. If the line in the airport is long and queuing isn't possible, you can claim your vouchers in the booth near the Avenue of Stars and water taxi terminal.

What is Night Treats voucher?

If you're flying to Hong Kong, you are automatically eligible in receiving 100HKD voucher care of Hong Kong Tourism Board. This can be used in several establishments in Hong Kong from 6 PM until closing. All you have to do is show them your passport upon claiming the voucher. Also, some activities from Klook have the night treats vouchers as a freebie. 

All in all, we received six vouchers (600 HKD). We were able to use all the vouchers. You just have to be patient in looking at the website to find out the participating restaurants and bars - this changes frequently so it's better to often check the website.

We didn't have a fixed itinerary so we had enough time to find the restaurants where we wanted to use the vouchers in. The establishments can be sorted out based on the location so it's easier to find and navigate. 

What We Did:

*Downloaded What's App and registered our local number before leaving Manila. 

*Registered at the website twice. The rule is one voucher per HK Tourism Board account but you're allowed to combine vouchers in the restaurants as long as the total amount is always exactly or more than 100 HKD. You can combine vouchers as long as your bill is higher than any multiple of 100 HKD. 

Paano kung isa lang 'yung local number mo pero dahil sa Klook e meron kang tatlo na night treats vouchers? 

Pwede ka mag register hanggang tatlong beses:

For example 'yung akin, 

unang account - +63 915
pangalawang account - +63 0915
Kung may pangatlong account - +63 00915

Kung meron kang mas marami sa tatlo, kailangan mo na maghanap ng ibang number. Make sure to download the app beforehand because it's easier to receive the OTP through that. By the way, make sure to have an internet connection when claiming your voucher because you'll be using QR codes for the payment transactions.

These are some of the Klook activities you can book that have night treats vouchers:

You may click on the link to book.

According to their website, "Citybus Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus" offers you a convenient hop-on, hop-off service. Like riding on a rickshaw in the old days, you can explore Hong Kong with a panoramic view, this time on an air-conditioned double decker, and enjoy a spectacular sight of all the attractions along the way.

For the night, the usual rate is 100 HKD but since this is one of the promotions of HKTB, we were able to purchase the ticket for only 20HKD each. Tour started at 7 PM and ended at 8 PM. 

It was a hop on - hop off bus but we were staying on the second floor of the double decker bus so we just sat for the entire hour and settled for a round trip tour. ahahaha. It was interesting to see the night lights and night life through the bus. Enjoyed the cool breeze of an Autumn night in HK.

If you want to see majority of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong without getting tired then this is definitely a good option. Take advantage of the 20HKD per pax that will only be available until February 2024 as of posting.

Some photos from when we used the night vouchers below:

Before they launched Hong Kong Night Treats, they had Hong Kong Goodies which tourists used at different establishments such as Royce, I was looking forward to using the vouchers in Royce TST. Talk about counting chicks before they hatch - they stopped the Goodies and launch Night Treats for November. I am not complaining. Kahit ano basta libre. haha!

Anyway, I didn't buy any. If this life leads me back to Japan one day, doon na lang ulit ako bili. 

I had a few coins which I used at HKIA before flying back. Although most of the things are expensive, there were 10 HKD - 15 HKD breads and tarts you can purchase at the airport should you find yourself in a similar situation. 

We were taking our time in Terminal One only to find out that our gate was in a different terminal thirty minutes before boarding time. We had to ride the airport train again and that ordeal took more or less twenty minutes. HAHA! This is why we need to find our boarding gate before roaming around the airport.

We also had extra load in all our Octopus cards so we used them all at the airport. However, sorry HK. Mas bet ko 'yung egg tart sa Macau.

Having Octopus card while in HK is very convenient. Also, love that McCafe has a matcha drink. Keep up, McdoPH! Kahit 'yung matcha sundae niyo na lang o mcflurry, pakibalik! huhu

EDIT: 2 days after posting this, binalik na 'yung matcha mcflurry huyyyyyy tenkyi, MCDO!!!! Pero hindi pa ko naka-order. haha

Leaving HK was even more convenient because Cathay Pacific has a self-check in and self bag drop counter. The queue there was definitely faster than the manned counters.

After that, departure is automated. All that's needed when passing through the passport control and immigration gate are your face ID and passport then you're all good.

Until next time, Hong Kong.

Thank you so much HKTB!

We didn't go to Disneyland but I was able to use my Octopus card in one of the shops at the airport to purchase this.

Everything, in time. 💖

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