Saturday, October 21, 2017

Baguio 2017: Itinerary and other places to visit in Baguio

^Bongga, 'di ba? May pa video. :))

Edi ang dami ko ng utang na post pero inuuna ko pa rin 'tong Baguio 2017 itinerary. :)) Uhhm, kasi ang galing. Every year akong nakapag-Baguio since 2014. Sana makabalik ako for this year's Christmas Village in Baguio Country Club. Haay

Anyway, before going there this year, we searched for "other places to visit in Baguio" and "other side of Baguio" but only came up with horror attractions. lol. Didn't want to go there. Hahaha. Tam-awan Village and Bencab musem were options but we didn't have enough time. 

Almost the same itinerary as the one I posted back in 2014.

Day 2 (Benguet Area)

Tam-Awan Village
La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

Bell Church
Stobosa Artwork
Night Market/Walwal Night/Bar at Session Road lolz haha

Day 3:

Continue City Tour:
Mines View Park

Good Shepherd
Wright Park
The Mansion
Botanical Gardens

*Souvenirs can be bought at Mines View Park area and Wet Market

Some pictures I posted on Instagram:

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Stobosa Artwork

 La Trinidad Route can include Tam-Awan Village, Strawberry Farm, Stobosa Artwork, and Bell Church. You may hire cabs but there are jeepneys plying here so just ask around.

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It was Sunday night when we went here. The night market along Harrison street started at 10 PM.

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I usually go to SM Baguio for that overlooking spot but the parking area in Baguio Cathedral is a good picture spot too. The picture above was taken there.

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These landmark replicas were the best discovery of Baguio 2017. :)))

In just one hour, we were able to go around Japan, Korea, China and USA. <3

Travel Goals. hehe. Someday! :D

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Hi dawg!!! :)) Can't resist taking pictures with this cutiepie eventhough two shots costs 50.00. haha. Sana lang worth it 'yun sa maintenance nitong St. Bernard na 'to.

You want one but can't go to Baguio?

You may go to Bengal Brews in Cubao link: here.

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Baguio Brewery! <3

Katuparan ng craft beer sampler kong di ko nagawa sa Vietnam. :))

But I loved this more though. I'll choose these beers especially 'cause they're drank with view overlooking Baguio. Ganda ng location and ang sarap ng beers. Haha. Would love to be back!

See you again, Baguio!! :D

Or better yet, Sagada and Mt. Kupapey!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Vu's Bar, Marco Polo, Ortigas

I love being in high places. I love overlooking views. But more importantly, I love quiet places.

Vu's Bar in Marco Polo, Ortigas is exactly what I want whenever I want to experience those night outs. 

Situated in Ortigas, it's still high enough to escape the noise of the Metro. lol. :))

Price point may be steep but that's expected since it's in a five star hotel but very worth it though for that peace and quiet.

There is indoor seating and there is outdoor. If you want to sit outside, come early 'cause there are only few tables in this area.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Maybelline's Powder Matte in Toasted Brown

I told myself that I am not buying anymore lipstick and I stuck with that for several months until Maybelline launched its newest "inti-matte collection" which is on sale until the October 29, 2017. As much as I like to get all of the 10 colors, I only got one in the shade TOASTED BROWN. Well, meron pa naman ilang araw. Hahaha. I'm thinking of getting Raw Cocoa and/or Almond Pink while they're still priced at P 199.00 per bullet. But let's see. 

Last year, I posted a review of Nude Nuance and Clay Crush link: here. 

Compared to the formulation of their creamy mattes lipstick, I found powder mattes lighter on the lips. 

I wore a lipstick prior to my first swatch so in the picture above, my lips are quite stained. Below are several selfies taken on different locations 'cause I'm vain like that and it's practically the only lipstick I wore since the day of purchase.

*I thought that I am successful in lengthening my eyelashes until I saw my post dated 2012. Link: here. Bakit parang mas maganda pa ko dati? :((( HAHAHA CHAR. Mas mahaba pa ata eyelashes ko noon. :( Tssss. Or effective kasi mag tightline? Idk. haha. All I know is that my eye lashes don't hold curls for a long time anymore. Tumigas na ulo. :(

Maybelline's Powder Matte in Toasted Brown.


The color turnout is the best lipstick for my MLBB - my lips but better. And if feels natural on the lips. Definitely without the sticky feeling I usually have whenever it's liquid lipstick I'm wearing. 

Gone are the days when I'd always go out wearing bold and bright lipsticks. Huhuhu. I kinda miss my reds, corals and oranges too but I became more comfortable in wearing nudes especially during day time. 

Above swatches are: toasted brown, nude nuance, clay crush, toasted brown

Toasted Brown

Looks like I'm not wearing any lipstick but definitely better than my bare lips which can be very pale on some days. Above, I have only applied Innisfree's Blur Free Mineral powder. I'll be reviewing that soon too. 

I'm also thinking of having my hair cut again. Yes, that time for a drastic haircut. From long to shoulder length kaso anlaki ng mukha ko these days kasi. Huhu. Well, malaki naman talaga pero mas malaki ngayon kasi I've gained nothing but weight ganern. hahaha. 

Look how stubborn my eye lashes are these days. They don't hold curls. Thinking if I should have them permed again... 

Ayan, so aside from showing you how Toasted Brown looks like on me, nilagay ko na rin problema ko. hahaha. 

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