Thursday, June 29, 2017

Leyte 2017: San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge is the Philippines' Golden Gate Bridge.

Did we have enough time that afternoon, I would have preferred walking along the bridge from Leyte to Samar. Yep, that's 2.16 km - the length of the Philippines' longest bridge. 

It's prohibited to park in the bridge. Refer to the sign on my right, it says no parking. 

I don't know if they're doing something like a San Juanico Strait Cruise these days but that will be awesome. Flash back to when we did the Boat Sunset Tour in Pier 49, San Francisco, California link: here.

Your option though is to go down your vehicle and ask the driver to continue to Samar. Either he/she's gonna wait for you there or he/she's gonna turn around to pick you up. The latter was our instruction since we were catching a flight back to Manila that night. Hinabol lang namin 'to. 

Wander Sarong <3

You can actually feel the vibration from the passing vehicles especially from the larger ones.

It was drizzling in Leyte but that didn't stop us from taking pictures in this very beautiful bridge.

It reminded me so much of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco link: here.

Think of the islets it has as Alcatraz Island. As in. With the fog and the red color, Golden Gate na Golden Gate, bes. Mas maliit pero pwede na. 

It connects Samar and Leyte so the bridge's shape is S and L which are the first letters of the provinces it connects. Nice, diba.. :))

And may kalye picture, of course. :))

Hopefully, when I am able to return to this part of the Philippines, I'll be able to cross the bridge, reach and explore Samar as well. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

V&M's CPC+G Oil Review

I've recently posted about the online store, BeautyMNL where I bought my CPC+G Oil last May 30, 2017.

My haul post: here.

CPC+G, according to V&M's website, means Citric Acid – Papain – Calamansi plus Grapefruit Extract. I am also borrowing their description of this product: This mixture does not only effectively whiten the skin, it also makes skin healthier because of its Vitamin A, C, E, pottasium and other more essential minerals content! This concoction may be used for the face and body. Ingredients: Clair Blanche, Papain, Calamansi, Grapefruit Extract

Basically, this is a whitening/lightening oil which you can combine with your creams and lotions or just use it as it is to target dark spots/acne marks. 

I'm showing you some pictures so please click read more. Di ko keri, besh. Shy ako. :))) char

BeautyMNL Haul

Since August last year, I have been online shopping here at BeautyMNL but I never got the chance to post about them until now. What made me decide to blog about them?

Last night, I saw their post in Facebook about the flash sale that was ongoing for 48 hours. I decided to check which products were available and I saw that most V&M products were included so I bought some stuff even though I had just ordered some products three weeks ago. 

Today, I was at the mall and since it's a Saturday, it's understandable that it'll get so crowded. Even if I love going out, I dislike crowds. Not to mention the TRAFFIC. Bes, move on na. Galaw na. Ilang taon ka ng stuck. (Chos. Humugot pa rin. Haha!)

When I went home, I found the things I ordered last night on the table already.

What's with the backstory?

I just felt that I had to share the major difference of ordering online and choosing to go to mall: convenience. 

The reason why I always lean to ordering at BeautyMNL rather than physical shopping is the (1) convenience it gives. With just a few clicks on a week night, I can expect the products I bought to be delivered at home the next day. 

Apart from the convenience, (2) they post a lot of articles reviewing the products and even the users have review sections so you can compare opinions before hitting that "Add to Cart" button. It's a surer way that you're getting the products that are effective. Plus, (3) they also have freebies sometimes. Free stuff are always welcome, BeautyMNL. (4) And if you like reviewing beauty products then for every 30 products that you've successfully reviewed, you get 300 worth of credits that you may use to buy more products.

As for my most recent haul...

For the flash sale, I bought V&M's Bikini Bomb, V&M's CPC+G Oil, Esfolio's Pearl Essence Mask Sheet, Brushes, V&M's Mineral Concealer. 

My other haul, I got Biore BB Cream, Skin Genie Exfoliating Detox Masque in Purple White, Skin Genie's Creamy Peach lip and cheek tint, Skin Potion's Tomato Serum, Mizon's Eye Cream.

The small origin's mask is a freebie I got from my other order.

I bought my first CPC+G Oil last May 30 (according to my BeautyMNL transaction records) but seeing it on sale, I decided to get another bottle. Hoarding tendencies. :)))) HAHAHA. The Bikini Bomb, I got some time last year but I don't use it religiously on my knees.

V&M's CPC+G Oil Review: here.

They recently posted a review of this on their splurge or save videos, so seeing it on sale (50% off), I decided to get one for my under eyes. 

So this has been my haul.

I might review beauty products again but I currently have a lot of backlogs but... yeaaaaahhh baka sipagin. :))

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