Saturday, October 22, 2016

Venice Grand Canal Mall at Mckinley Hill, Taguig

Venice in Manila? Yup! Feel the Venice vibe at Venice Grand Canal Mall in Mckinley Hill. 

How many of us are actually dreaming of visiting Venice, Italy? While it's not impossible, we know that it's going to be hard for the most of us to travel to Europe.

I've gone to Las Vegas and took pictures with the Venetian Hotel (Outside, Inside) which has a similar concept to this mall so I felt no urgency in visiting this when I heard the news that it's open. 

By the way, there's also one in Macau called the Venetian Macao, the largest casino in the world and a sister to the one in Vegas, Venetian Las Vegas. I want to visit Macau someday just so I can feel Vegas once more. 'Cause aside from Venetian, I know they also have Wynn, MGM, Hard Rock, Rio, Parisian there too. 

Back to the Philippines. Take note that as of this posting, some parts of Venice Grand Canal Mall are still under construction. :)

I was here on a weekday morning at around 11 so notice that there weren't a lot of people yet. Going there on a weekend? Good luck. 

For Northerners like moi, it's just too hard to travel from the North to South these days that you'd think twice whether or not places like this are worth the hassle. 

So, is it?

I'll say yes.

If you're someone who has always been wanting to feel what it's like to be in Venice with the gondolas, rialto bridge, canals then go here. This is the closest to Venice place that you can visit for now here in Manila. Who knows? This might be your lucky charm.

If you want more then head out to Venice Piazza, 'cause there you'll see a replica of Piazza San Marco/ St. Mark's Square.

Gondola rides.
I think the rate is P 500.00/person. 

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Friday, October 21, 2016

To The South Korean Visa I Wasn't Granted;

I did my best.
I gave you my all. 

It's sad that I wasn't qualified for a tourist visa but things happen for a reason. <3 I'm choosing to remain positive. 

 I just got home from Taguig, specifically the Korean Embassy along C-5, because today is the release date of my passport. I was kind of nervous on my way there and then when I got my passport, stapled in it was a piece of paper indicating that I failed to qualify for a tourist visa. I'd lie if I'd say that it's 100% fine so okay, I am feeling upset but not so much. Probably because I know I'll have another shot at it in the future. It might be just the fear of missing out of some sort. 

A little background story:

Year 2014, I posted an entry entitled, "Imagining My Trip To Korea." and in it, I said that I'm hoping to visit South Korea this year. Well, universe. I tried to make it happen. I booked my round trip flights to Incheon on November 1-7, 2016. I scheduled it coinciding with the trip of my friends from the Traditional Dance Team of the Korean Cultural Center Philippines because finally, after years of waiting too, they were given the chance to undergo training near Busan Area. 

I was one of the first members of the said dance group and it had always been one of our goals to travel to Korea for training. I had to quit though due to conflicts in my schedule so I just wanted to join them in their travel at least. Anyway, being declined the chance to visit my dream places during my dream season (autumn) wasn't as heartbreaking as the fact that the dance training did happen (so happy for them!), the trip did happen (they've flown to Korea this afternoon), I did everything I could to join them and yet here I am writing about this bad news. Yes, I can re-apply for a visa next year and buy another pair of plane tickets to Incheon, South Korea but it's not going to be the same. Spending days in South Korea with friends whom I shared that dream with is that one thing that would've made this trip a lot more special. hehehe. Why does it feel sadder now that I'm composing this?

I respect the consul's decision. It's not like this is the first time I'll miss a flight I've scheduled beforehand. The same thing happened with my Hong Kong - Macau trip last May because I flew to the United States of America. Following that train of thought that for every thing that's removed in your life enters something better, will I have a better opportunity in the future or will something good happen on those days when I'm scheduled to be in South Korea that I can't leave the Philippines? Hmmm... I'm leaving it all unto your hands, universe. You know better. Maybe it's Jeju Island that I'm meant to visit you know, for the green tra plantation and museum. Lol

The visa application result was definitely a downer for today but the Universe have always been there to save my day. Read its message for me today:

Yes, Cristina, you can have whatever you want. ANYTHING you can imagine. You name it. It's yours. Done deal. Zip, zap. Bing, bong. Ka-pow.

You just have to go get it. K?

I'll help,
    The Universe

Thanks for the help. haha! I was there to get it but... :)) Zip, zap. Bing, bong. Ka-pow. Not the right time pa. :))


If it's for me, bless it.
If it's not for me, block it.

All these are still for Your glory. 

No reason to prolong this heartbreak. hehe. 
I'm letting you go, South Korea 2016. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

USA 2016: Circus Circus and Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

This was that night.

That night when we decided that we aren't going home and just explore the whole Las Vegas Boulevard until sunrise. Were we able to do it? Not quite but almost there. Haha!

This was in Centennial Plaza, still in Downtown Las Vegas.

The area in the middle of Fremont Street Experience and Las Vegas Strip. A place where not a lot of people walk at especially after midnight. Don't ask me what in the world were we thinking when we did this 'cause I don't know either. It just felt right during that time. 

We passed through The Venetian once again. If you've seen pictures of Vegas at day light, you would have probably noticed that it gets more beautiful at night with all the lights. 

However, those lights are already considered light pollution that you can instantly locate where Las Vegas is when you're in the outer space.

I have pictures of the hotel in these links:


We then entered Circus, Circus. It was the first hotel I saw when we got lost there but never had the chance to go in. We chanced upon the last free show. The kind of show that you are to watch varies, but it was aerial silk for that time slot. 

Went out to look for something to eat.
We wanted a special meal.
A break from just purchasing whatever the cheapest available meal there is.

So then, we ate at The Henry, a restaurant in Cosmopolitan Hotel. Aside from the buffet meals and hotel meals I had when I was staying with my Aunt in San Diego, this was the most high-end meal I had in Vegas. Hahaha! I would usually be fine spending until $15 for a meal but this was a bit beyond my/our usual price range and it isn't even a buffet. 

Did I regret? No. Not at all. 

Although our food arrived like 30 minutes after we placed our order, the time was enough for us to get ourselves clean for a bit because we have been walking for the whole night. The service was also excellent, didn't even have to ask for a water refill because the waiter was attentive. 

We over ordered. 

You know when you're so hungry that you feel that you can eat everything that's served in front of you? That was what happened to us. Upon ordering, we asked each other, "Would that be enough? Should we add one more meal?" Hence, we ordered fish and chips that we eventually took home 'cause the sandwich that each of us had was more than enough. 

It doesn't look big in the picture but this one's really big. It's bigger and has more meat than that of a usual sandwich. Well it's not like it's the first time that we got confused whether it's a Filipino amount of serving or an American. haha! When we ate at Elli's Island BBQ, we were hungry but the appetizer (bread and salad) was able to make us full that we took home the main course.

We were thinking of continuing our walkathon but our friend drove to Cosmopolitan and he decided to drive us around instead. So eventually, we we never had the chance to explore the other hotels at the South of Las Vegas Boulevard but it was totally fine. 

Las Vegas Sign: here.

Yes. Yes to this lifestyle, universe!
The life I have imagined. <3

Watching the fountains of Bellagio with Paris Hotel and Planet Hollywood in front will forever be a memory I'll hold close in my heart. <3 I don't know when's the next time that I'll be seeing you, Vegas but I know that I will be able to return someday...:)

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