Japan 2019: Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen, Fukuoka

First Time in Japan: Northern Kyushu Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips (From Hakata in Fukuoka)

In the Ramen Capital of the World, Fukuoka, we figured it'll be a mistake not to eat ramen so we chose Ichiran. This is one of the more famous ramen places in the area so expect a wait especially if you're going there during peak hours.

Their place is a huge building, the first floor are for groups. We were a pair but we wanted to try eating at the solo ramen booths so we went to the second floor.

Outside the door, you'd see a vending machine. You are to choose your order and pay your order at the machine. In turn, it'll dispense a paper indicating the order you paid for which you'll be giving to the server. 

One ramen bowl was 890 Yen and the additional 130 Yen was for the soft-boiled egg. Didn't order drinks anymore since there's a service water in each booth. Even refilled my water bottle there. lol. :)))

Once you're seated, you'll be filling out this from that has options on how you'd like your ramen. I wasn't a fan of ramen and I would just usually share with my mom's order whenever we eat at ramen restaurants here in PH but I don't know, I liked Ichiran's version a lot that I was able to finish an entire bowl. I realized that ramen can doesn't have to be "heavy" and shouldn't make you feel bloated. 

I look forward to visiting ramen places here in MNL now especially Ippudo since we don't have an Ichiran yet. 

The specialty of Ichiran is a tonkotsu based ramen and they make it outstandingly well. The broth tasted rich and savory. Unlike other ramen I've tried, there's umami taste in it but it doesn't feel like it's full of MSG. 

Once your order is served, there is a wooden blind that is let down for your privacy. You can slurp the goodness of this ramen without a care in the world. Made the experience a lot better, tbh,

We didn't stay for a long time in the restaurant 'cause a lot of people were coming in already. They have instant ramen you can take home as well. 

Ichiran's Branch in Hakata, Fukuoka is this entire building. I heard that they have a branch in New York too. 

And that marks the first and definitely not the last time that I've finished one whole regular bowl of ramen by myself. hahaha! 

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