Japan 2019: Huis Ten Bosch at Night, Sasebo, Nagasaki

After walking around the park, we decided to go outside to eat and rest for a two hours. While there are a lot of restaurants available inside, we looked for food that were more affordable since we had to allocate a part of lunch money for ice cream. lol

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It was around 4 PM when we went back inside the park and there weren't a lot of people in this area that afternoon so we were able retake and have better pictures on these spots. (above and below)

Some photo spots in Huis Ten Bosch has cellphone/camera stand. 

We decided to take this "ferry" that will take us to "Amsterdam"

The ride was around 20 minutes and it didn't feel like we were in Japan. It's like being transported in one of the villages in Europe. <3

I uploaded the picture above in my Instagram stories and one of my friends who've been to Amsterdam replied that it really look like Amsterdam. I am one of the many people who are dreaming of a Europe tour so being in this place kind of felt an accomplishment still. Hahaha! 

From the first floor, you can take the elevator to the Observatory. This is included in the passport so no additional payment when going up there.

I am not collecting magnets and key chains of the places that I have been to but this is so nice not to have. hehe! Someday, I'll walk along the streets of Europe. Someday, I'll use this keychain for my car key. :)))

ITALY!!! <3

I don't know what that building is but this is also a picture spot.

My friend said that this is one of the best soft-served ice cream you can buy in Japan and I agree with her. We bought this and sat in one of the chairs in Amsterdam Square while passing time. 

While the whole place is already beautiful in the morning, the light show at night gives it a more livelier atmosphere. So amazing to watch the colorful light installations at sundown that we didn't have the patience to form our line and try the VR attractions that are passport-inclusive.

Since it wasn't the peak of Spring when we went there, the garden didn't have a lot of flowers that time yet and it looked so "sad" during daytime. It looked like an abandoned area of the park, tbh. 

But as soon as we walked out of the light maze from the Ferris Wheel, we were greeted by this light installations. Although I've seen it in Instagram posts already, all the videos and photos don't do justice with how the entire place looks like in person.

We took advantage of the float parade which a lot of people are watching so even if it soon got crowded in this area, there weren't a lot of people in some of my photos.

Our initial outfit plan was to wear dress here but since it was too cold in Kyushu that time, daming patong pa rin. haha!

Huis Ten Bosch and JR Pass were our biggest expense for our Fukuoka trip, I'm glad that everything was worth it. hehe! For some, the place can be a bit boring since there isn't really a lot of things to do aside from walking and sightseeing but places like these are my kind of places. <3 I'm glad that we decided to go here despite our hesitation at first. 

Before we entered the park, we have already reserved seats for the last train back to Hakata so we only had to arrive on time at the station. 

Buying tickets? Link: Huis Ten Bosch Ticket Nagasaki

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