Tokyo, Japan: Shibuya Sky at Sundown

One of the things we did right during our previous trip to Tokyo was booking tickets to Shibuya Sky as soon as our desired day of visit was opened in Klook. Tokyo was crowded and there were a lot of attractions that easily get sold out and one of those is Shibuya Sky especially slots during sundown. 

Upon arriving at Shibuya Scramble Square, we were greeted with this sign saying the tickets for Shibuya Sky were sold out for that day. It was really a good decision to book beforehand especially since this is one of our must-visits in Tokyo.

By the way, Shibuya Sky is an observation deck at the rooftop of Shibuya Scramble Square. It's only a few minutes away from the famous Shibuya Crossing.

We didn't have to fall in line for the tickets - we just showed them our QR code when the queue for 6:00 PM schedule opened. There are several seats near the entrance and there are a lot of restaurants in the building since this is also a mall so no worries if you're going there earlier because you can do a lot of things while waiting for your schedule.

By the way, check online if you got the sunset time right. We were initially getting the 5:00 PM entry thinking the sunset will be at 6:00 PM like here in the Philippines. Good thing we decided to confirm before booking upon remembering that it will definitely be later than 6:00 PM or else we would have to stay and wait longer. 

It was summer and the sun rises at around 4:30 AM and sets at around 7:00 PM.

There are several picture spots in Shibuya Sky. The famous ones, however, have long queues so we decided to just walk around instead of waiting in line.

I wore that white cover up to kind of change my outfit for Shibuya Sky since I've taken a lot of photos throughout the day. Turns out that it wasn't just for "estetik" 'cause even in summer, Tokyo night at 230 meters high, was still cold and windy. Make sure to keep this in mind especially if you're coming during the colder seasons. 

There's a bar at the top and there's a lounge you can access only if you buy drinks. We didn't have money nor we brought any cards with us that time so we weren't able to try.

Some areas have better angle when you're taking photos but everywhere is a photo spot.

We sat here for quite some time to take in the view and experience but majority of the time we were there - we walked around and took lots of photos and videos. haha. Japan is real, Japan is reel was our theme for this trip so we took lots of photos and videos.

Tokyo Skytree on the left, Tokyo Tower on the right.

We're hoping to go back to Japan again. If the universe permits then it's going to be Osaka - Nagoya - Tokyo again. 😅😅😅

Definitely a highlight of our trip! 

Would love to go back here someday. <3

We weren't able to see the sunset 'cause of the clouds but we still got the timing right since we were able to see it during the "day and night." 

You need 100 yen to operate the locker but there's a bill breaker in the area if you have no coins with you. 

You're not allowed to bring a bag at the deck so you are to leave your stuff here. You can get your 100 when you put the locker key back. 

Everything, in time. 💖

Thank you, Universe for giving us the chance to heal our 2020 heartbreak! Tokyo trip finally came true after three years and three months of waiting. 💖

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