Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center, Tanay, Rizal (Part 1)

We had a glamping site in our mind since last December when we were planning our first (definitely not the last) get-away for 2017 but all they were offering for the weekend was an overnight, literally overnight that we had to leave at 6 AM the next morning. We were like, "Ugh, whatever. Let's find somewhere nice and relaxing."

We searched online for the resorts in Rizal. We were left with three options but Bakasyunan Resort's Website got us. Aside from the "almost" infinity pool overlooking Laguna Bay, Laguna, Rizal and Talim Island, it was the view of the windmills that lured us in. Not to mention that the cottage prices are affordable so it was within budget. 

To get here, we rode a jeepney to Tanay and tricycle to Bakasyunan.

Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall - Junction - Tanay - Tricycle

Shopwise, Antipolo - Tanay - Tricycle (We passed through this on our way home, it's a bit shorter compared to what we took on our way to the resort)

Starmall Shaw, FX to Tanay then Tricycle (option for South people and those who don't like to ride a jeepney)

I knew of a different route that passes through Cogeo, I forgot which was it exactly but it was a jeepney ride from a market in Rizal to Sampaloc, Tanay.

I prefer the Cogeo route (especially for private vehicles) but if you're coming from Teresa, Baras etc., this is a bit past the entrance of Daranak and Batlag Falls. 

Our tricycle driver stopped at the gate 'cause he thought that tricycles weren't allowed to enter the resort. Koya, magtanong kasi. Uphill, oh. Kahingal. HAHAHA. 

We had a reservation before going but we weren't able to print the proof of fund transfer. It's a good thing though that they print for free. 

Hello there, Pililia Windmills!

Pililia Windmills post link: here.

They had two areas with pool. This one's the infinity with the view of the windmills. 

Our room for our overnight stay.

Sulit for its price!

The room was clean. Towels, tissue roll and soap were provided. 

When we climbed Mt. Daraitan, we weren't able to go swim at Tinipak River so this is something I'm considering going back to. Ito lang. Di na 'yung Daraitan. HAHAHA!

At my back are bigger cottages than what we rented for the night, those are perfect for bigger groups or families.

While there are a lot of activities at the resort, we weren't able to do any because of budget constraints. Haha. Since we had to pay for each. :)) We just walked around and feel the mountain breeze. 

The sunset color was superb even if we weren't able to see the sun, the variation of colors were more than enough beauty... and the girl at the picture was even more beautiful. ANORAW. UWI NA?! hahaha

We really wanted to save but the corkage fee scared us that only things we were able to bring were bottles of water, chips and bread. hahaha. We were hoping that Bakasyunan Resort's food will make not only our tummies happy, but our wallet as well.

And yes, it did.

Each order was for 2-3 persons and the taste was okay too. Keri lang, wag na magbaon kung di naman kayo group. 

After we had our dinner, a lot of people were already by the pool area so it was out turn to go out to the team building part of the resort just so we wouldn't have to stay with the crowd... uhm, anti-social people? :))

Syempre, hanggang tingin lang kami. :))

This was where we stayed after dinner. HAHAHA!!!!!

Team building kung saan walang tao. Anong activity? Zumba via Youtube instructor. Makaiwas lang talaga sa tao. HAHAHAHA.

May part two pics. :D

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

El Chapo's, The Yard, Xavierville

El Chapo's Food stall in The Yard, Xavierville

This is definitely one of the food stalls in The Yard that I would want to go back to. They have reasonable prices, generous servings at ang sarap, bes. And not but not the least, LEGAL. :))

Both their soft tacos are good but I prefer the one with beef salpicao more than the one with sisig. The beef salpicao was tender and it was really delicious!! Sobrang bagay din sa soft taco. And look, hindi lang siya pang Instagram na itsura kasi masarap talaga. 

Those beef bits are beef salpicao, I believe.

Their nachos have hefty servings which is very okay for its price. Sarap pa nung toppings. 

Grilled Corn!!

I've had something similar to this when I was in the states so it kind of reminded me of that. Ang saya except that I really have low tolerance when it comes to spicy food that I kind of got surprised when I ate the hot sauce. But the spiciness, creaminess (of the white sauce), and the sweetness of the corn were, overall, a good taste combination. Looking forward to having this again!

It doesn't look like it but the rings were pretty huge. Mabenta 'to that we finished it instantly the moment it was served. Perfect paired with the white dip that it comes with. Or the hot sauce if you're into spicy food. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Manila Creamery's Matcha Taho Gelato Shake and Nyelfies HAHA

That one afternoon when you enjoyed your matcha gelato shake and took many selfies... tell me about it. HAHAHAHA!

I've been meaning to try this one out eversince I saw the sponsored post in Facebook.

Post about Manila Creamery, UPTC link: here.

Here's to y'all matcha lovers out there, here's one you should try out too!

Matcha Taho Gelato Shake

I was a bit skeptical because the combination kinda weirded me out at first but I was like, what is there to lose? Matcha naman and I love everything Manila Creamery! No joke. 

Was it really taho? I seriously couldn't distinguish what the white part of this shake is but I liked that there's texture in this. May nginunguya. HAHA. The flavor combination of taho and matcha was so on point though I really wish that they start selling plain matcha gelato.

Btw, we went back there few weeks ago but it was almost closing so I was only able to order their Salted Egg Cheesecake gelato which was good too.

And then I noticed that there's sticker...

One selfie...

and another...

And another... :)))))

So ano difference ng pictures? palaki lang ng palaki mata ko. hahaha!

You're next, Manila Creamery's Matcha Latte! <3

Saturday, February 11, 2017

DMZ Archery Range (I shall return!)

Meron na rito sa Tandang Sora/Vasra!

I added something to the things I can't do well (yet) list and it's none other than, ARCHERY!!! YEY!!! I've long been wanting to do it then came DMZ Archery range which is really close to our house so we immediately went to take advantage of their soft opening promo. It was then when I realized that it's seriously not for me so kahit gaano pa kalapit 'yan, pag hindi talaga, hindi talaga. :))) Tinanggap ko na yata, besh. Wala eh. Ayaw talaga sa'kin. Kaya siguro di kita matamaan kasi kahit andyan ka sa harap ko, di kita magawang maasinta... hayyy haha charottt

Ay, let's add jenga to the list of the things I can't do well unless... drunk/under the influence of tequila. HAHAHAHAHA. I know that I am bad at this but there was this one night when we played this while drinking and, the heck, I was surprisingly good. :)))

We waited for our turn so we played jenga for a bit and then we were called by the coach (Idk what to call him) and he did a short orientation and coaching about archery do's and don'ts. 

We only paid P 199.00 each for an hour of playing but none out of the 60 minutes I paid for did I ever felt that I am destined to follow the footsteps of Katniss Everdeen. hahaha. Kainis Everdeen pwede pa. You know what, I want to try it again just to prove myself that I can do better than shooting arrows outside the circle. Yah know. Excused naman siguro 'cause aside from it's my first time, I am naturally bad at hitting targets (charu depende sa target haha)

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

I posted this picture in FB and I captioned, "I did my best to be bad at this pero tinatamaan pa rin." and they believed me. :(( Well, tinamaan talaga, haha, 'yung labas ng mga bilog saka 'yung target ng katabi ko. So that's how good I am, noh? Masyadong easy 'yung sa'kin kaya sa kabila ko ipapatama. :)))

In short, that was a night when I realized that there are two things that I can't do well and that most people are able to control and close their left eye while the right remains open. Di ko kaya. Kung kikindatan kita, right lang kaya kong ipikit. Kaya pala. Kaya pala di ko makita 'yung right one kasi 'yun ang laging napipikit. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA


Happy Valentine's!!!!!!

Here's their Facebook page: DMZ Archery Range. All details should be there.
Good luck! <3

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bao on the Block, South Triangle, Quezon City

Bes, sa Mother Ignacia 'to sa may ABS-CBN building. 
 Tambay tayo please baka makita natin si John Lloyd, my labs.


De, joke time lang si John Lloyd. Masarap,
 generous ang servings so sulit pera mo dito kaya, tara!

Here's Bao on the Block - their rice meals and cuapaos. :D

Sinabi mo na? Hindi pa? ANO KA BAAA! Sabihin mo na!!! IT'S BAO OR NEVER!!!!

Aside from the food, you'd have to love all the punny puns in Bao on the Block! Interesting food got way more interesting because of the names. 

Started the night with beef siomai (Php 55.00) and fried dumplings (Php 65.00)

After the yummy starters, we were served their specialties/main dishes that I'll be showing you below. 

Bao to the King

This one's my favorite - chicken teriyaki with bean sprouts. 

Back to Basics

Just like what its name suggests, it's a basic fried chicken meal. It's something simple and yet comforting. Comfort food kasi dating sa'kin. 

Bao on the Block Classic

Pork with Hoisin Sauce

Fish Bao with You

HAHAHA! Kainis the name!! But this one's good, in all fairness to this, hindi lang talaga ko mahilig sa spicy food. 

WAITTT, wala si Dragon Bao Z sa pictures. :((

Meron kasing pork na may kimchi, huhuhu, samgyeopsal in a rice bowl ang peg. I liked that too. 

So above are the rice meals when we tried to flatlay them.


If you're not into rice, as in, if you're like me who's in a strict no rice diet, you'll love their food offerings as in 'yung mga ulam sa taas, nasa cuapao, bes. Imagine, nasa cuapao! At imagine din na lang, na nagda-diet ako. HAHAHA. 

Ang sarap. huhu.

Pero for this, I loved the pork slice with hoisin sauce the most. hehe. 

'Cause you're hot then you're cold. Hihi.

Perfect dessert to end the night!

Fried Cuapao Ice Cream... fried ice cream?

Kung ayaw mo sakanya kasi ang gulo niya mag-alternate ng coldness at hotness. Well, beshy. Magugustuhan mo kung pano naghalo ang pagiging cold at hot sa dessert na 'to. Eng sherep huhu

Thank you, Bao on the Block for having us!!! And Aldous for the invite. Mabuhay, Team Aldous QC! Charot. :)))


Freebruary Pa Rin...

I haven't been composing new entries and my drafts (supposed to be scheduled posts) haven't been posting as well. Aayusin ko na po. I was just reminded of posting another entry 'cause my friends searched this blog. Heck, that was so awkward!!! Imagine I started blogging since 2012 and yet I still get awkward and cringey whenever someone tries to search and read this blog in front of me. Kulang na lang ihagis ko 'yung laptop! ENOUGH WITH THE TORTURE.  -_- When will I get used to that, life? Malamang nagsusulat ako tapos naka-publish sa internet. Mas malungkot dapat ako kapag walang nagbabasa, diba? K. Thanks puowzh pero torture pa rin. HAHAHA. -_-

 I read my February post last year and I was talking about me being right and that person not believing me link: here. Fast forward to Feb. 2017, yes, ako 'yung tama. But I kind of fell into a similar scheme without me noticing but it's a completely different situation and I'm doing my very best to get even. I know you'll favor me on this too, universe! 

Sad, confusing, infuriating things are bound to happen in this lifetime but may we always keep our cool and strength!

God bless! 

Padaan lang talaga. :))))
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