KFC Cheezy Bacon Pasta Bowl

I never anticipated eating this KFC Cheezy Bacon Pasta Bowl (is this the correct name?). I mean, I've been seeing its commercial for several days but it didn't appeal to me. 'Cause hello, KFC is synonymous to a thigh part one-piece meal with unlimited gravy. But then, there are times like today that thigh part isn't available and the waiting time is 20 minutes, so I have to settle with this. Anyhow, this pasta bowl is satisfactory and good thing the noodles were cooked Al Dente, that's a plus points for me. I think though that it's kind of expensive, P 95.00 for a bowl which wasn't that big and a drink. Taste? what can go wrong with KFC original flavor chicken strips, cheese and bacon? Close to nothing. Just don't forget to chug water after eating and this has been it.

 I may order it again or not, depending on the availability of my thigh part. 

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