Tightlining and Nichido Eye Pencils

A number of people have asked me if I had my eyelashes permed, if I wear falsies, and/or I tightline everyday. I have no idea what tightlining is so it's an obvious no, I'm scared to have them permed and I don't know how to use falsies. I just curl my eyelashes whenever I go out and that's it. No mascaras and whatsoever 'cause I don't know how to apply make-up and I'm lazy to learn how. 

I read about tightlining and eyeliners and that's probably the reason why I was lured to buy these eyeliners from Nichido when I was in Watson's this afternoon.  White and peach colored liners are supposed to brighten the eyes while the color black is often used for tightlining. 

Girls Night Out Pencils cost P 80.00 each, while the black one costs P 36.50.

This is what my eyes look like after washing my face. I didn't put anything and eye lashes aren't curled yet. 

One curled. See the difference?

Already tightlined the upper lashline. 

Tightlining is supposed to make the lashes appear thicker and fuller because it fills in the gaps. Even if my lashes are already thick, you can see the difference, how much more for sparse eyelashes, right?

I used the black pencil to tightline, placed on the lash line or where lashes grow from. While the other two were used in my lower waterline. They're supposed to make my eyes brighter, aren't they?

 It doesn't look like it in the picture but there were differences. The white eyeliner though had a stronger color, it would be visible. So for that "no make-up" look, I think peach would do a better job.

 I decided to try lining my lower waterline with black eyeliner and the effect was more prominent. But I don't like it, I have my problem eyebags already and I feel that putting eyeliners on my lower waterline highlights them even more and the smudging gives me panda eyes. Well, I already have panda eyes to begin with. So really, no thanks.

And removing the liners are harder than putting them. 

Lining indeed made my eyes pop and looks more fresh but I don't think that I'd be able to do this everyday. I'm just not that kind of person who would spend so much time applying make-up daily.  
I'm happy with just powder, lip balm and curled eyelashes.

Nevertheless, this technique really works, I'd be doing this (upper lashline tightlining) on special occasions or whenever my eyes look tired .

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