The Iscreamist

This ice cream store is in Magiting St. (near Maginhawa) at Teacher's Village.

What I ordered was S'more under the Dragon's Breath Selection.

Four sticks of S'mores and a cup of liquid nitrogen for P 55.00

Excuse my face in the next pictures. hehe.
After dipping, you would want to wait a little bit before taking a bite... unless you want to burn your mouth from too much coldness.

I'm not well-versed with Chemistry but assuming that there's still oxygen and carbon dioxide present in the area, I believe this is safe. It's just the element nitrogen, which we have a lot in our atmosphere, in its (cold) liquefied state.

What's more exciting than taking a bite of this?
"playing" with the fog!

My friend even pointed out that the vapor also came out from my nostrils. Just wasn't able to capture it in photo.
Show me things as simple yet interesting as this, I'm already impressed!

Just be extra careful in handling your cup of liquid nitrogen though, it's a cryogenic fluid and can freeze/burn you rapidly once spilled or came in contact with you.

The place was small, notice the standing girls at the back waiting for tables so my friend and I left immediately after eating and playing. Nonetheless, really a fun experience! I'd love to come back there and eat this again or try their other ice cream offerings.

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