Lola Ina's Grill, Macapagal Avenue (Paluto Restaurant)

Lola Ina's is one of the restaurants where you can make paluto, Conyo much. In that stretch of restaurants opposite HK Plaza in Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay; Lola Ina's is the last restaurant on the left side when you're facing the Bay. 

I wasn't drunk. Really. 
It's not closed, of course.
We ate at the air-conditioned part.
I almost ate all the prawns that are in the platter, you know. That's how much I love shrimps; even if it takes forever to peel the shell. I first started peeling using spoon and fork, but gave up and used my bare hands instead.
 Fish Sinigang 
And the seaweed that tastes like seawater. I haven't tried eating this before.

What are these?

Crabs for higher blood pressure, anyone?

It's hard for me to explain their taste. But yea, it's like eating in an eat-all-you can. HAHAHA. I was so full and happy. Good thing I don't have allergies, I can enjoy seafoods this much.

Really worth it! I mean, I've been there three times (in different restaurants) and was never satisfied with the taste. In here, they cook well and the service was also great! Very prompt waiters, they remove the shells once they start to pile-up and refill water immediately. Satisfaction is regardless of the quantity. We would still enjoying having less than all of these.

Although I didn't experience it this time, expect a lot of people people who would force you to buy from them or let them cook your food. They're the culture of Dampa Restaurants.  Stressor!! You'd leave the place more stressed than you were, so bring a lot of patience if you're doing the shopping for the raw seafoods and haven't decided which place to eat yet.

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