Donu Pork and Beef Korean Grill

We meet again, Donu!


Must-try especially with rice!
One of the most delicious I've eaten so far. 

Grilling the pork and some of the side dishes.

It's one set of side dishes per order of samgyupsal.

Romanized : Boodae Chigae

This soup is a combination of American and Korean favorites with its history dating several years back during the Korean War when the American Army just combine their left-overs like Spam, hotdogs with Korean staples like Kimchi and Ramyeon.
I haven't eaten any Bibimbap with this much vegetables ingredients but hey, still good!

Korean dishes are sure healthy with these vegetables and lots of water because they're sooo spicy!

I've finally tasted how it was to actually put gochujang (chili paste) rather than duenjang (soybean paste) on my sang chu sam.

Food Hotness Threshold - Level-up!

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