Yakimix at Greenbelt

Probably because I'm always exposed to buffets that I'm less thrilled this time. Constant exposure to something dulls you, you know. Or maybe, I just want to try something else. I've been there a lot of times already. Or maybe, it's sinking in that I've gained back the pounds I tried to lose last year. That's why whenever I took a bite of something, it bothered me so much. HAHAHA. Joke.  Idk. Whatever. I still ate a lot though less than before. Ugh, constant exposure it is. Scratch the weight reason.

But I'm thankful for this experience. Super lunch, indeed.

Here are some pictures:


So they also offer pizza in Yakimix? I like it since it's thin crust.

Definitely not the kind of foods I'm having on daily basis but because I've been at Yakimix for a lot of times already and these are almost the same offerings, it must have been because there wasn't anything new to look forward to, aside from the pizza I had two slices of, that I'm less excited.

My second plate for desserts.

I like that fruit tart or whatever it's called, especially the whipped cream inside.
This isn't from Yakimix I just wanted to post.

And their updated price list.

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