Lee Min Ho at the Funmeet and Glorietta

I was so lucky to be able to see Lee Min Ho two times during his stay in the Philippines. One is in Smart-Araneta Coliseum for his Benchsetter Funmeet and the other at the New Glorietta Activity Center for his autograph signing. Eventhough I'm kind of jealous to all the people who were able to meet him and see him closer than I did, it's fine. :">

Arrived at the Araneta Center around 2:30 P.M and formed our line to enter around 4:50 P.M.
We were to sit at the Upper Box B and luckily we got a seat near the ledge. Minutes before the program started, we bought binoculars for P 75.00. That thing saved us from too much boredom!! Really had fun people watching and of course, the fact that we were able to see LMH a bit closer through the lens.

Groups danced before he entered and...

My friend and I were wondering how he ends up looking good in all the pictures. Well, he's insanely handsome! No need to wonder, our bad.

And he's so good to the girls and guys who won and was able to go up the stage. Aww, the hugs, shake hands and photos that I AM seriously envious of.

And... we just couldn't stop ourselves and also went to Glorietta today.
HAHAHA. I was able to see him closer.
I kind of regret not taking much pictures but when he was up the stage, I just couldn't remove my stare so I neglected my camera. The pushing crowd didn't even matter. Again, lucky girls for holding both his hands today.

Good thing I decided to go to Glorietta. Seeing him upclose; I'm literally out of words. Thank you, Bench for bringing him here. 

Until next time, Lee Min Ho Oppa! 

JJ, please be next!

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