Tokyo Tokyo Sumo Meal

I've eaten here for so many times, and have been ordering their Sumo Meal if I have someone with me.


Upon ordering the kuya asked us which viand do we prefer, I saw that they're now offering Honey Chicken Terriyaki in the Sumo Meal choices so I chose that, and the person I was with preferred Fried Chicken Karaage *as usual*

For the longest time that we ordered sumo meals, there are two viands, vegetables, 2 cups of rice and 2 glasses of red iced tea.

Here comes our order:
Just chicken terriyaki which portion is less than what I'm used to if it's Tokyo Tokyo.

I showed the server the receipt that we ordered sumo meal which is supposed to have Karaage too but she told us that if the viand is HCT,  you'd only get HCT and nothing else. Why? "BECAUSE IT'S LIKE THAT"

Was it us who misunderstood?

Why would the kuya ask us, "Ano pa po aside sa Chicken Terriyaki?" when you'd only get that pala. He shoud've told us prior to finalizing our orders, whatever.

'Cause of it's a sumo meal, nagm-make sense ba isa lang 'yun ulam? At hindi nila sabihin na ganun pala 'yung rule nun? Kahit Terriyaki pa 'yan. We felt somehow cheated with this one, he should've told us sooner. HAHA. Gutom eh.

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