Human Heart Nature Lip Balms

In Peppermint, Wild Berry and Island Kiss.


Swatched them on my lips... Such an awkward thing to do.

Upper Left and Right : nothing, peppermint
Lower Left and Right: wild berry, island kiss

The first variant I bought was the peppermint because I love the minty feeling on my balms. It was fine because I haven't tried anything else yet. Here comes wildberry that I got when I went to their Commonwealth store and I liked it better because of the "taste" and the light color it gives to my lips though without the cooling effect.

Then, I ordered a colored lip balm in island kiss. At first, I was turned off since it appears orange on some lights and I don't really wear colored lip balms but as time passed by, I got used the color though I don't use it everyday.

I prefer wild berry these days.

As for the moisturizing, all work fine for me. I have never experience chapped lips when using this so far.

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