Starbucks Christmas Blend in Peppermint Mocha

Albeit not being a fan of coffee, I still drink it once in a while.
I am a social drinker even with coffee.

Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino
P 180.00 - Grande Size

Isn't it pretty? With dark pink/red sugar on top of the whipped cream.

I usually go for Green Tea Cream or Chocolate Frap in Starbucks but I settled for a Christmas Blend this time; it's the Christmas season anyway. I loved Andes Chocolate Mints so I figured I would like this one too.


"How is it?" The first sentence I blurted out was, "Hmm, para lang akong umiinom ng mentos!"

But yeah, I had to reintroduce the taste to my palate since it has been years (exaggerated) since I last ate Andes so mint + chocolate (mocha, in this case)

After a few sips, I decided to mix the whipped cream and the drink itself. Somehow, the minty feeling was diluted and it turned out okay at the end. I liked it. I just don't see myself ordering another of this in the future, especially not when the other option, dark cherry mocha, ta
stes better for me! I had a sip from my friend's order. 

P.S For those who likes mint, this might be the one for you though. :)

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