Ace Waterspa + Nipa Hut + Chatime

I've been MIA for quite a while so I don't know where to start but here, a compiled post of what I (friends and I did) one afternoon.

Let's also call this our voucher day because we used the vouchers we bought from Metrodeal and Ensogo several days (or weeks) ago.

First, we went to Ace Waterspa in Kapitolyo, Pasig. (Metrodeal Voucher for P 349.00/person)

My first Ace experience was relaxing I had look forward to my second time to relax again, it turned out our other friend decided he'll be hyperactive that afternoon and what was supposed to be relaxing turned out wrestling, lazy pool turned out to be racing with I-should-turn-your-floater-the-moment-I-get-near-you, fun swimming turned out to be stressful and competition swimming, floating swimming turned out to be that one chance he can splash water towards our  faces and all sorts of bullying he could ever think of.

The only times he let us de-stress was when we were inside the spa area, sauna and hot pools. But since we were in the lazy pool and lapping pool for most minutes we were there, imagine how hard it had been for us. Oh yea, we had three laps around the lazy pool area when he let us have our peace and quiet time. We are still wondering what the hell happened or what the hell he had eaten that the naughty and destructive boy got unleashed in Ace. Whatevs, still a memorable and fun experience with more back pains and scratches the next day.

Nipa Hut (Ensogo Voucher for P 376.00 for a set meal)

We've been wanting to eat at Nipa Hut for the longest time because we heard the view there's really good. Blame our love for overlooking sceneries. 

Sizzling Boneless na Bangus + Chicharon Bulaklak + Three Sticks of Barbecue + Bulalo soups were what we had for dinner and they're all included in the voucher. Super sulit. Four of us shared this set meal and only added rice for P 25.00/serving.

Taste wise: All were good and have passed our taste not to mention that we purchased these for almost half the price.

The only downside of that meal or the restaurant was the number of mosquitoes. Good thing we had off lotion with us that night, it alleviated the problem. As we eat our food, mosquitoes were also sucking our blood. Eek! You know that UV-light mosquito killer? Maybe they can invest on that or any mosquito killing devices. People go in Nipa Hut mostly at night to have a dose of their alcoholic beverages and they wouldn't want to go out already a (possible) dengue patient.
Sorry, I used a different setting of my camera which blurred to the top part of the picture.

And this is what we had been wanting to see the longest time. It's the panoramic skyline view of Pasig-Ugong area. I believe Valle Verde's somewhere there in the left side... a village where a person I've shared bittersweet moments resides. (The last sentence is totally unnecessary. I know that but I just wanted to share. Hahaha!)

We decided to go to Chatime, Centris Station before heading home and I decided to try something else (usual orders are PMT, Matcha and Oolong Mousse)  I got Choco Malt Mousse and I regretted it. Hahaha! That's P 95.00 for a glass of Milo and Cream. But I tasted their Milo Milk Tea or was it Malt Milk Tea and that was waaaaay better.

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  1. Yay! I want to go back at Ace Water Spa. Having a hydrotherapy massage is so fun, my super favorites are the bubble bed and rainfall acupuncture.

  2. I also loved the rainfall acupuncture and the rose scented hot pool. Talking about this makes me want to come back there. :)