Don Day Korean Restaurant (Unlimited Samgyeopsal... again!)

Our birthday treat!

It was our interest in Korea that brought us together in Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines but it's the passion we developed over the year that's making us stay. (Check their Facebook page if you're also interested in learning Korean Language and Culture. Who knows you might develop a new hobby and a talent hahaha too.)

 Our friendship's more than a year old as of this writing but I believe it would last longer and stroger as we continue to achieve bigger and greater things. hahaha. Afterall, we all expected that our contract was going to be terminated after three months but we're still alive and kicking dancing until now. Why does this sound so...

Thanks to the team for a slice of chocolate cake.
My birthday cake last night! hehehe 
I had other things to do so I arrived in Donday at 8PM and they were there since 6 PM.
It's understandable that I was the only one left eating as they share stories.
Lettuce for my samgyeopsal.

Duenjang, Sesame oil with salt and pepper.
And my baboy. hahaha

I was once asked what my favorite Korean cuisine is... and I said that it's none other than Samgyeopsal.

Apart from the reason that it was the first "authentic" Korean cuisine I've tried, there's just this recurring craving I have for Samgyeopsal like almost every month!! Hahaha. 
Our table as we left.

Donday was so packed last night with Koreans and Filipinos but it still satisfied the cravings nonetheless.

For more information, here below are the links of my previous visits:


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