My First Korean Crush: Lee Min Ho

I watched my first English subtitled Korean drama in 2009. That was Boys Over Flowers and who's the main character? Gu Jun Pyo portrayed by Lee Min Ho. Since then, I became a fan and it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Want to know why? A few years later after BOF, I've developed an in-depth desire to learn other things Korean (language, food, culture etc.) In short, I was introduced to an educational and fun hobby. And while doing this "hobby," I got acquainted with some people whom I now consider as some of my closest friends and I was able to do things I've never thought were possible. Now, the connection that Korea and I share is a lot more than having a Korean celebrity as my years long crush. 

And I'm claming it, I shall go to South Korea someday. 진짜 갈거야.

Back to My Everything- the name of Lee Min Ho's Concert in MOA Arena.

While walking towards the MOA Arena, I pointed a double-decker bus to my friend while saying that I've been wanting to ride that the moment I first saw it several months ago.

And guess what? That night, they were offering free rides to Lee Min Ho's concert ticket holders.
Here's to a dream come true! Hahaha!
The concert was already starting when we arrived. We were in the General Admissions area; the farthest of the farthest seats. Surprisingly, there were way more General Admissions people than what we thought.
I won't deny that I was a bit disappointed because the concert didn't last long, the "big" screen wasn't big and bright enough to be seen by those in the Gen. Admissions area and that I couldn't even see his face from where we were seated and even my camera gave up.

When he sang what we thought was the last song, we went outside full of complaints because he didn't even sang SAY YES.  And that's like the main reason why I wanted to watch him live.

So we went down a floor, right? And he started singing again...

and it's SAY YES!

We were in a level lower when I recorded this video, we were then in the Upper Box area. How? Takas. HAHAHAHA!

The minute I watched him perform this song in a youtube video, I've been hoping that I'd see him live.
Yay for another dream come true.

I went home satisfied even after all the earlier complaints just because of this one song and his booty shake. Hahaha! 
Seeing another side of LMH was more than enough consolation for all our disappointments. 
Dami naming hopes kase for Gen. Ad. area eh. ahaha!
And why did our ticket only cost a peso?
Because of a Globe Promo. #gladtobeglobe #uselesshashtag

There was a free Gen. Ad ticket for every purchase of P 500.00 worth of load and a Globe simcard. So far my most sulit one peso ever because it made two of my dreams come true.

Here's to more dreams that would come true in the futuuuuuuuuuuure!

1. 한국에 가기 Hahahahaha. I sound so desperate.

2. 좋은 사람 만나기 hahahahaha!

3.... 4.... 5....


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