Hello, July!

칠월, 안녕! 

1. July holds a special place in my heart 'cause it's my birth month. I'm a July baby, babeh! Hahaha. 

But seriously, the only thing that makes July more special than any other month is because I'm a July baby and nothing more. Wala naman masyadong special na nagaganap. Ay ooops, magiging special pala ang July na 'to. Claim lang ng claim! Special ka, July!! Baliw lang? hahahaha

Are you also a July baby? Did you know that we are...

  • prone to having stomach and dieting problems. 
  • forgiving but never forgets. 
  • emotional, temperamental and unpredictable.
  • are fascinated by colors and pictures.
  • love the different tastes of delicious foods and drinks.


2. 이민호 오빠를 다시 볼 거야!

It's so funny that for the longest time they were selling his concert tickets my friend and I who both have a huge crush on him were lackadaisical. I mean, compared to my reaction when I first heard the news that he was coming November last year. I was MEH this time. But lol, last Saturday we thought that we may regret not going so we decided to buy our tickets for the General Admission seats by Wednesday or Friday. OMG. Feel ko solo namin ang Gen. Ad! Hahahaha. Langgam ka na sa paningin namin, LMH! LANGGAM. Oh, poorita days. Hahahaha!

First and Second meeting link: here. Meeting?! hahaha!
What I am expecting him to do link: here.

3. I'll learn to drive later this month or early August.
Basta mag-aaral ako mag-drive.

Kasi naman 'yung traffic situation natin, kalurks!

4. I am thinking of volunteering for PAWS or the Philippine Animal Welfare Society by November or December this year.

 Basta hindi matatapos ang taon na hindi ako volunteer dun. I just can't make my move since my Saturdays are still taken by something else so I wouldn't be able to attend the volunteer orientation. And yea, I'm planning to save first for my PAWS expenses. Not that I'd be needing much money for it but I was back to zero last May eh, I need the next four months to recuperate.

5. Saving/Exercising/Eating

A.K.A My concerns all the time. 
My gulay... ano nerrr?!

I haven't been exercising. For the life of me, I wasn't able to make exercising a weekly must-do. My Saturday mornings are occupied and by Sundays, I couldn't wake up early. HAHAHA! OMG nga.

Saving... MEH.  Slowly but surely. hahahaha! OMG din. Walang magawa kundi slowly eh, alang anda.

Eating... Ito. Ito ang luhong hindi maiwan-iwan. Hahahaha!

6. Last June, I was again told that I am stubborn. 
Well, it's not new. I was only waiting for a few more people to tell me so. 

"Pag gusto niya, gusto niya eh. Pag ayaw niya, ayaw niya." 
HAHAHAHA. K fine. Hindi naman parati ah.

"Sinabi mo ng ayaw mo, 'di ba? Knowing you, ayaw mo na talaga."


Nakalimutan ko na 'yung ibang lines kasi marami na silang nagsabi sa'kin.

Being stubborn isn't all the time a negative trait, only when it's too much can it poison you.

Surprise me, July. I'll wait. :D

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