2013 Korea Night at MOA Centerstage

Happy Second Anniversary, Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines!

Has it been a year already? :O

So last night, my friends and I went to MOA to watch a Taekwondo performance by TAL and also the finalists for the K-Pop Cover Dance Festival. We got General Admissions  VIP tickets from KCC. Admittedly, the 2nd part we didn't get to enjoy that much because we're not really into K-pop and the intense shouting and cheering for TAL drained all our energy. Not to mention that we haven't eaten our dinner yet. 

 And of all the songs that were played in the Part 2 of the night, we only knew like 5 of them. Hahaha! Just call us the Korean Culture enthusiasts because I don't think we'd ever to shift to K-pop. 

The taekwondo performance? It was daebak. 

TAL is a non-verbal performance combining the techniques of traditional dance, takewondo and some modern day dances. The whole performance brings together the different aspects of traditional and modern Korean culture of music, dance and of course, martial arts.
Excuse the quality of pictures.
I really need to get a new one. Hahaha.

Drumsticks that are on fire?
Lighted drumsticks?
A.K.A live jaw dropping Taekwondo stunts.

The winners!
They're going to Korea to represent the Philippines sometime this year.
Hello there, BB.

 Because Jaejoong and I have a super memorable connection now. (in my case, at least) Seeing him keeps reminding me about that silly thing that came into my mind a few months ago. You know those nights when you suddenly have that desire to do something crazy and put it on the next level by actually doing whatever that idea is. Then... then you're caught unprepared. hahahaha. Ang gulo ko na naman.
A statue of admiral Yi-Sun Sin who is credited for resurrecting Goebukseon (Turtle Ship) from pre-existing designs. It's thought to be an ironclad warship used during the Joseon Dynasty.  He is also famed for his victories against the Japanese army during the war.

I learned about him from the drama, Gu Family Book. I so miss my dose of K-dramas. The free online streaming site which I love and have been using for years has shut down.
Korean Traditional Fance Dance
One of the places in my bucket list: Boseong Green Tea Plantation

I mean what would sound even better to a green tea fanatic, right? And the fact that this green tea plantation is in Korea makes the idea seem more enticing. Someday.... :

I just have this feeling that everything would feel right in Boseong. HAHAHA. Green tea addict much.

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