Sbarro's Chocolate and Ricotta Cheese Calzone

I was once eating my lunch with a friend in Sbarro a few months ago when suddenly,

"Why aren't you taking a picture of your food?" - in a manner that somehow irritated me. (Well, I won't deny that on that lunch break we weren't really in good terms... on my side, at least. That's partly a reason why I didn't.)

But the main reason why is because I've eaten at Sbarro for a lot of times already and more often than not, my order is always Baked Zitti in white sauce. That's like asking me to take a picture of a Sundae Mcdo which I've eaten for I guess more than fifty times already.

Taking a snapshot of a food before eating has become a norm that even if the person I'm eating with doesn't know that I blog, he/she won't question why I took a photo of it first before taking a bite but whether or not I'd take a picture of my food, it's my prerogative. And whether or not I review or post something here or any other social networking site, it's my prerogative too. 

Here's another Sbarro lunch out... with a different companion. hahaha! Naisip ko tuloy na palusot lang ako, ayoko lang talagang picture-an 'yon. Joke. May iba kasi akong order this time at natuwa ako sa calzone nila. hehehe

My usual order.
Baked Zitti in White Sauce

Pasta was good as always but the garlic bread wasn't. Unlike my previous visits, this one's hard.

Sausage and Pepperoni Stuffed Pizza

I'm not a fan of their Stuffed and/or Deep Dish Pizza but since the regular Pepperoni Pizza wasn't available that time, we ordered this and spaghetti with meatballs too. We over ordered, I know. There's too much food for two persons but we still managed to eat everything. BWAHAHA.

Anyway, this is okay though I'd choose regular pepperoni slice over this anytime and I loved the sourness of the tomato sauce on top. 
And here's the highlight of my meal.

Their new (is this new?) Chocolate and Ricotta Cheese Calzone.

Calzone is a turnover pizza dough stuffed with various fillings usually including cheese.

When I was looking at the available pizzas in the counter, I saw a picture of this. And without further thinking, I decided to order one just because calzone, chocolate and cheese were in one food name. ahahaha!

The combination of cheese and chocolate is actually new to my palate but I liked it. I've eaten savory calzones but this is my first time to eat a sweet one. I guess anything that has a chocolate in its ingredients would satisfy and make me happy. Hahaha! That's how much I love chocolates... :

 And it somehow reminded me of my then favorite Choco-Mallow Pie in Jollibee only it's cheese and choco this time. 

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