When enough is enough

By Tin Gallemaso - 1:48:00 AM

Nothing's more insulting than a person who's smiling and laughing at you when you're there pouring your heart out, your eyes already crying a river. 

I, for a lot of times before, was that person who kept on crying a river. I wanted to be heard, I wanted that person to know what were my thoughts were... because for some reason, my mind had this idea that things would change. Perhaps, that person would realize things and try to become better.

And? I've never been so wrong. HAHAHAHA!

Overtime, I got desensitized. Because I realized that for a person who's so arrogant yet so stupid, tears would never work. Because I realized for a close-minded and selfish person, nothing would ever work. Unless that person admits to whatever he/she had done wrong, no eureka moment would ever occur. It's just so sad that that person would never be able to realize the opportunities that were wasted. Dude, life is gradual. Things wouldn't disappear in a blink of an eye. You ignored the signs so get ready for a dead end. A different kind of dead end where you're not allowed to turn back anymore; you've pushed yourself there. TSK. 

Enough is enough when something's no longer doing you good.
Enough is enough when you're the only one trying to make it work.
Enough is enough when you realize that the person hardly even cares... 
What could be worse? That person leeching off you.

I've once said enough and that was it. Wala na kong pakialam e. 
Sa ngayon, wala ng naiwan kundi kaunting pakitang tao kahit hindi naman na dapat. At kaunting concern para sa hindi matuto kaya sobrang frustrated na naman ako ngayon. ANUBER. Parati na lang?

Several years ago, I already made a decision that in order to prevent another insulting moment, I won't shed a tear again. Not now, and not in the near future. Although another effect of that was me not bothering to tell anyone what my thoughts are unless asked. It's totally wrong to include my relationship with other people but I wouldn't want to waste stories for someone who doesn't care. And this is where this blog becomes therapeutic- I don't care whoever gets to read these all that matter is I was able to get these things off my chest.

Kaya nga siguro na ang pinakanakakatakot na makasama e 'yung taong hindi niya alam na mali siya at hindi marunong tumanggap ng pagkakamali niya. At para sa'tin na walang choice kundi pakisamahan ang mga ganyang tao? Hahahaha. Ganyan talaga. Challenge para sa'tin 'yan pero ewan ko, di ko alam kung napagtagumpayan ba o hindi. Napagtagumpayan ko ba kung sabihin ko na ang naging resulta ay apathy? Hahaha. Sana sa batas ng universe e napagtagumapayan ko na, ayoko na ng isang ganyan pa na magtuturo sa'kin ng patience at mas mabilisang pagkaramdam apathy. (Ironic much. Pano makaramdam ng apathy?)

Oh well, as if may gamot para sa isang tanga.

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