Shakey's Monster Meal (Angus Beef Steakhouse)

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This is our nth Shakey's meal for the past weeks. 
Medyo sumobra talaga 'to kasi sunod-sunod.

I've never imagined that I would ever say no to Shakey's until these past few weeks. There was even two consecutive nights that I ate there for dinner. I AM NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL. Thank you, thank you pa rin pero sa iba naman sana.  hahaha!

Did you know that you have the freedom to choose which pizzas will come with your Monster Meal Deal? 
Mojos and Chicken
Angus Beef Steakhouse

My friend told me that this would taste better in thick crust because it's more on the salty side but since I love thin crust pizzas,
 I was like, "Okay lang 'yan." 

The saltiness was fine for me though and it was just spiced right.

Aside from the Angus beef, there were shoestring potatoes and mushroom slices too.

I'm not "adventurous" with my pizzas. If not pepperoni, I'd usually order cheese or four cheese. In fact, I have never tried eating pizza with steak topping until the first Saturday of this month when my friend and I dined at Nolita, BGC (That meal was undocumented but their cheese pizza's great and so filling because a slice is HUGE!! While the pizza slice which my friend had was that with steak and egg topping, it tasted great too but it's just not my type of pizza).

But I think I learned to like pizza with steak topping somehow. 

Monster Meal: P 695.00
Service Charge: P 62.05

Total Bill: P 757.05

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