Super Show 5 Manila (SS5Manila)


I was able to watch SS5 Manila last Thursday at Mall of Asia Arena and until today, I still get "kilig" when I hear songs of Super Junior. 

I saw Donghae and Siwon last year at Bench's fanmeet link here.


This is so funny. I don't even remember but I wrote this in my first SiHae post... "아까, 동해 오빠와 시원 오빠를보지만 저는 너무 너무 멀었어요. 다음에,  가까운 곳  있으면 더 좋을 것 같아요. " This means, "I saw Donghae and Siwon oppa earlier but I was too far. I hope to be at a closer place next time."

Fast forward to a year and two months later... I wasn't only in a closer seat but they danced and sang in front of us!!!!!!! 

I'm not a fan but some of my friends are so I get to hear things about them too. And sorry 'cause I don't even know some of the other members, I was like, "Who's that???" during the first part of the concert.. I know everyone now though.

We were seating in the lower box section.

Still can't believe that there would come a time when I'll be a part of sapphire blue!!! (I mean this in a good way. Really thankful that the concert tickets found us haha)
We were given FREE light sticks. 
Among the four cross-dressers, Seungmin was the cutest! 
I found my new BB in Henry. 
Not even in my wildest dreams, Siwon oppa.
This is just too close!!!
And this too. 
Seungmin performed in front of us too.
Donghae passed in front of us for so many times but for some reason, I have no decent picture of him.
This is the most unflattering picture of Donghae! Just to show you how close he was to us.
죄송해요 오빠. 그래도 아주 멋 있어요 :))
With Kyuhyun.
Para-paraan picture with SuJu's maknae.

They taught us a dance step...  Ryeowook's one line was like, "Ang landi naman." Hahaha
Kangin and Henry at the back.

Kyuhyun again.
My Korean skills got tested that night.
I'm so proud of myself for understanding most of their spiels.

은혁 오빠, 저는 한국어를 할 수 있어. 

That concert vibes!!
I look so happy. 
My SuJu bias!!
My eyes were too busy looking at him that I wasn't able to concentrate on taking pictures. Regretting nothing though. hehehe
Zhou Mi happens when you mix Siwon and Leeteuk. :))
Eunhyuk's handsomeness/sex appeal increases whenever he dances.

SuJu and their back-up dancers as they do their final bow.

I had so much fun!!

I definitely did not see this coming!!
Thank you!!
재미 있었어요!!!  다시 오세요 오빠들!!

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