Free Glazzy at J.Co Donuts!

A year later, nakikipila pa rin kami sa J.Co. 
Link of first blog post here.

Since I have 4 matcha donuts to take home or to eat there, I wanted to order something else for my drinks... 
I got Caramel Seasalt Frappe
P 145.00

I believe this drink's a new variant.
It has mocha cream on top and I was surprised that it tasted more like coffee.

I was expecting something that tastes similar to Merry Moo's Seasalt Caramel Ice Cream when I ordered it.
It tastes good too but since I'm not a coffee drinker/lover, I kind of just "forced" myself to drink all the contents.
Start with a Munch and end with a Sip!
Are you up for a glazzier smile?

I don't know until when but they're giving a free glazzy donut for every beverage purchase. 

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