Nuvali's Water Taxi and Serenitea's Uji Pyramid


From Paseo de Sta. Rosa, we transferred to Nuvali because we were looking for an All Flip Flops Outlet store but to no avail. I can't remember the store's name but I definitely saw some discounted Havaianas before. Kung kelan naman may budget na. Oh wells, ipangka-kain ko na lang. Ganun din naman. Gastos. :))

Hihi. I'm back!
These fishes are still hungry as ever.
I  told myself that I'd be buying them more feeds when I come back but seeing that a lot of kids were feeding them already, I just allowed the kids do the honors. hahahaha.

And we decided to ride the water taxi.

Minimum of 6 persons, maximum of 12.
P 30.00/person

We were a group of 5 but we decided to just pay the other P 30.00 to make the ride "special," it's P 180.00 all in all.
The area of the man-made lake isn't that huge but for the beach-like feel of riding a boat, pwede na ang P 30.00.
Water taxi selfie!!
Everyone is advised to wear that orange life jacket.

There was a part of the man-made lake where it felt like there were waves. I mean, how can there be waves in a lake? Or it is possible when the wind is strong enough? I don't even know. HAHAHA.  But I think artificial waves lang 'yun, medyo feeling dagat talaga dun sa part na 'yun. Maalon kahit dapat walang alon.

K. Nakaka-miss lang mag-boat.
Since it's a really hot day, we transferred to Solenad 2 by car which isn't a problem because they don't charge parking fees.
We saw an All Flip Flops store in Solenad 2 but it's not what we were looking for. I think we have no choice but to wait for the sale season.
I just bought myself a large order of Serenitea's Uji Pyramid.
Dahil mas malayo, mas masarap. hehehe.
Bye, Nuvaliiiii. 

COMMUTING DIRECTIONS: From Starmall in EDSA, ride an FX to Balibago (last year the fare was P 70.00 with 40-50 minutes travel time sans traffic), then from Balibago you may ride a tricycle that would take you to Nuvali. They have an FX terminal near Solenad 2 though, I saw an Ayala and Balibago sign.

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