Hwaroro Eat-All-You-Can Korean Grill


Not sure if Eat-All-You Can Korean Grills are sprouting like mushrooms recently or we're just in a continuous search for one. haha! Whatever it is, Hwaroro Korean Restaurant is worth checking out. Para sa mga nagtatanong, ito na po ang isa pang unlimited Korean BBQ sa Quezon City! 

Sabi nga nila, mas okay pang walang plano kasi natutuloy... :))

Hwaroro is a house that has been converted to a restaurant but then even if they have several units of airconditioner, they were rather weak. Enough to make the food cold (nakatutok kasi sa buffet 'yung isa) but not the whole place but there's nothing an electric fan could fix. Keri na. 

Here's a picture of their buffet.
For the banchan and other Korean food choices, there were definitely a lot!

Just from looking at this picture, you'd think that you may even eat more than what you're about to pay for.
Unlike other Korean buffets which normally have only two choices of meats to be grilled, Hwaroro has four.

I liked that you'll be the one to get your meat from the chiller because.... secret. :)))

Barbecue party, anyone?
Different kinds of leafy veggies for Samgyeopsal!!

I was once asked which Korean food I like best and I answered Samgyeopsal/SsangChuSsam.

Pinangatawanan ko na talagang SsangChuSsam ang favorite kong Korean food. HAHAHA
Sauces, dips and Kimchi
You can also make your own Bibimbap there.
Watermelon and Pineapple for dessert.
Where we sat.
We got three types of meats for our first plate.
'Yung nasa bottom and the marinated pork strips (top right) are those I liked best! Highblood, highblood din pag may time!

They also have beef strips (not in the picture. obviously)
The reason why I prefer Korean buffets over Ala Carte Restaurants

is the eat-all-you-can baboy! hahaha
For the Kimbap, I liked it though medyo sticky 'yung rice. No, sobrang sticky nung rice.  
The thing with this type of grills is the possibility of oil jumping because there are no borders. I'm not that bothered but for some (na hindi sanay) that may become a problem.

They also serve other ala carte Korean food and some liquor such as soju.

For P 349.00 (Weekday Lunch) and P 399.00 (Dinner), really worth it.

COMMUTING DIRECTIONS: Along Quezon Avenue, you'll see National Bookstore then 'yung daan sa gitna, just walk staight ahead and dun na. This restauraunt (Scout Tobias, Timog) is located just across Puregold Jr.

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